Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Smells I Love

1. Hyacinths. (The first smell of spring. Aaaahhh)

2. Just after a summer rain.

3. Mom's beef stroganoff in the crock pot. (One sniff of that and all's right with the world)

4. Chlorine. (Think swimming pools, not Clorox)

5. Lemon Dishwasher Detergent. (I love to smell this one so much, one time I accidently snorted it up my nose. It burned. I wouldn't advise doing that.)

6. Mom's Chanel #5. (I would never wear it myself, but everytime I go to a mall, I smell it and think of her)

7. Luv's Diapers. (clean, of course!!!)

8. A new box of Crayola Crayons.

9. Chocolate chip cookies baking.

10. A newly opened can of Tennis Balls.

11. Salty Ocean Breezes.

12. Noxema. (I love this stuff! Maybe because it used to soothe my sunburns)

13. Cilantro. (I would put cilantro on just about anything if I could!)

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  1. Great list! Some smells can sure bring back memories...

    Happy TT!

  2. That is a good list and i agree with bubba about smells and memories

  3. I like # 8, 9 and 11 too. Especially # 11. So relaxing. :)

    Happy Thursday! :)

  4. I should do a list of smells that I love to at some point. I think that I would have to think a while to get thirteen but you never know....maybe it would be something I could come up with thirteen for easier than I think.

  5. I have never enjoyed the smell of pools for some reason...probably that I get too irritated by the allergies that chlorine aggravates. Sometimes it is so bad that my eyes are uncontrollably stinging...I have a tendency to accidentally scratch my eye with my fingernail when this happens. It would be neat if that were a smell that I appreciated....I have never met anyone who said that was one of their fave smells.

  6. Oh, what a /great/ list! I agree with most of them - and hey, I thought I was the only one who just loved the smell of chlorine in swimming pools! And ooh, 8, and 9... and 2... and 11...

  7. Great list! :) The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking is absolutely wonderful.

    Happy TT. :)

  8. Those are some good ones but the cookies are probably my favorite!
    Thanks for stopping by.
    And, silpat: silicone baking mat
    microplane is a grater.
    Happy Thursday.

  9. This is a fun list! I love the smell of summer rain, swimming pool chlorine (ahhhh, the memories of childhood summers!), cookies baking, new crayons, ocean breezes, and Noxzema.

    Happy Thursday!!

  10. i love gucci #3...

  11. I'd add limes and baby necks to the list. I love smells, they remind me of so many things.

  12. I'm with you on 2,5,8 and 9.
    Happy TT!

  13. Great list. I love the smell of rain and cookie dough too. My TT is up late due to internet problems, come visit.

  14. I replied once already but I noticed you signed my adoption blog a while ago and wanted to just say thanks...we got started today


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