Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heber Valley Camp

We had a great time this weekend with Brad's family up at the Heber Valley Camp. 4 out of the 5 siblings were there with their families, making it 12 out of 15 grandchildren. Ty and Lauren had a blast with all their cousins, roaming free in the great outdoors.

That camp is amazing! I wish our Girls Camp was held there.

Grandma with Meikel, Brinley, Emma, and Tyler

John building a fire, with Andrea and Marie in the background

Everyone in this picture looks a little weird!

We had good food (even if it was a bit late--oops!), a fun Family Home Evening by the campfire, boating in the lake, a scavenger hunt, snow, and only one lost child! Luckily the Camp Host Missionaries found him. By the way, that has to be the Best. Mission. Ever. We all decided we want to be camp host missionaries one day.

Seth, Wyatt and Tyler playing in the sand.

Lauren just chillin'.

Grandpa, Brad, Natalie, Brinley, and Ty in the paddle boat.

We had such a good time, we can't wait for next year!

Mirror Lake Highway

One of our favorite places to go in Utah is the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway in the Uintah mountains. It is basically a loop that starts in Park City, through Kamas, up in the mountains, over into Evanston, WY, and back to Park City. There are some beautiful views, great campgrounds, fun hikes, waterfalls, and lots of fresh air. We used to go a lot BK (before kids), and even some with Ty before we moved to Texas. This was our first time back since being back in Utah, and we had a blast, even though the full loop wasn't open yet--still so much snow this late in the year! We drove by our favorite campground, Moosehorn, and it was still under 4 feet of snow, and the lake was still frozen over!

Crossing the creek on a fallen tree. The strong smell of pine and the cold babbling brook reminded me of all the great times I had camping as a kid at North Davis Creek Campground, #14 in Oregon. That was the best camping spot in the whole world! This was Soapstone Campground, #20, not as good, but still nice.

Further up the road we stopped to throw snow in the Provo River.

It was fun to see so much snow, but still be comfortable in shorts and capris.

One of my favorite places, the Provo River Falls. It was not snow plowed, so we had some serious trailblazing in over a foot of snow to get down there! We had expected there to be more spring runoff (we've been here enough to see it really rushing and almost dry) but the ranger guy said it has been a really wet and cold spring, so the big runoff hasn't started yet.

Can't wait to come back in the summer, and hopefully camp at Moosehorn--if it ever opens!

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