Saturday, May 05, 2007

If You Ever Plan to Motor West...

If you someday find yourself traveling through the metropolis of Monticello, Utah, I highly recommend you stay at an up and coming hotspot: Canyonlands Motor Inn! Lucky for us, we happened to be traveling through the same night as a big car rally in nearby Moab, and no other room in town was available; otherwise we might not have found this gem.

Upon entering the 1970's lobby, you'll instantly be taken to the far-away land of India, native home of the proprietor. Several different strong and spicy incense sticks burning simultaneously will leave you and your clothes smelling sweet for days to come!

Don't let the rust stains and mold fool you! If you want to sleep in air-conditioned comfort, Canyonlands Motor Inn is for you!

They are so confident in their 100% safety guarantee, they laugh at the thought of using smoke detectors. (Besides, they just get annoying going off all the time with the burning insence.)

No need for clunky and bothersome shampoo bottles and bars of soap. They'll provide the same magical aqua-marine colored soap at the sink and in the shower.

This is Brad enjoying the luxury of the the lukewarm trickly shower in the comfort of his Teva's. We just weren't up for the adventure of battling foot fungus this time around, what with the long drive ahead of us. Maybe next time we'll be more daring.

Other bonuses not pictured:

*Be sure to get your TV remote control from the clerk upon check-in.

*Enjoy the game of "What Lamp works, and what lamp has the cord chopped off?"

*And please don't forget the age-old question of: Is that a man's or a woman's greasy handprint on the wall?


  1. Love it! I'll have to remember that gem next time I'm traveling through Moab.
    Can you say "night night sleep tight, don't let the BED BUGS bite?"

  2. oh sally, i could hardly read this! it's bad enough traveling across the country in a nasty rented truck, but this is too much! i'm so sorry for you.

  3. Oh BrotherDear! That looks like quite an adventure. Don't think we'll be passing through Monticello any time soon...and for that, I think I am grateful. Welcome to Texas!!


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