Tuesday, May 20, 2008

True Love

Saw the pile of clothes.
Brought them to the play room.
Sat on an uncomfortable stool.
Turned on the small TV.
Folded our clothes and
Melted my Heart.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Random Pics

It seems like I've gathered up a bunch of pictures that are interesting to me, but don't seem to fit with anything else, so here are some random leftover pics from the last week or so:

Between our recent Utah trip, our work trips to Corpus Christi, and Brad's work retreat last week, we've used our suitcases more than usual. Ty has taken to using them as special hiding spots.

This picture cracks me up because no one looks like they're having any fun. It looks like a before picture of a backyard pool makeover advertisement. Like at any moment they'll be surprised with a great big, fun, exciting pool--not this lame-o small plastic one, which was even more crowded when I got in!

We found our way to the town of Kirby's First Annual (and possibly final?) Hobo Festival, and Ty got to take a picture with the Hobo King! What a treat! Seriously, though, what is with the Giant BBQ Turkey legs for sale at all the festivals and theme parks and garage sales and any celebration you can think of here? Do other places focus so much on the turkey legs or is this just a Texas thing?

Sara always says that the humidity makes her feel like she's on vacation. That's how I feel whenever I see palm trees, which is a lot.

We happened to notice several children playing in long dresses. Then it registered to me that these must be some of those Polygamist Sect children. It was at a Catholic Children's Home.

Speaking of Catholic, some people may not know that there are several old missions here in San Antonio, not just the Alamo. We visited a couple of them, and were surprised to learn that they still have active parishes. This was an outdoor altar at the Mission Conception. It was kindof interesting trying to explain to Ty why Catholics pray to the virgin Mary.

Ty with the pretty Mission in the background. Another forced grin. Grrrrrr.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Yesterday we had Stake Conference in a big basketball auditorium on the campus of Texas State University. They actually created a new stake and then added wards from several other stakes to make up for the units we had lost to the new stake. Very interesting stuff.

Anyway, as we were sitting in our padded seats that were way more comfy and roomy than the Marriott Center (not a judgement, just an observation), we pulled out our small tupperware container full of treats for Ty (pretzels, Life cereal, etc.). As we were trying to listen, Ty was eating, occasionally putting a piece of pretzel or cracker up to our mouths. Absently, trying to hear the speaker, we would open our mouths and let him feed us. Hey--it kept him quiet, okay?

All of a sudden I hear a whisper, "Sally! Sally!"

I turn and see Brad washing down water from a water bottle, with a look of sheer panic on his face. I can tell he wants to scream, or at the very least bolt from his chair.

"What?!" I say, a little worried that he's about to make a scene.

Only because of his sheer determination, I can tell Brad has calmed himself down and with one last shudder, returns to normal.

"What?!" I whisper again, curious by now as to what caused his little "episode."

"Ty was feeding me little pieces of cracker and pretzel, when I noticed he put something else in my mouth that had a different texture. I ate it, and then asked him what it was."

That was when Ty looked up at his daddy with a big grin and said, "It's a booger!"

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good Read

I know I saw this book recommended on somebody's blog (that's why I read it in the first place), but I have no idea whose blog it was anymore, so forgive me for not giving credit.

If you're looking for a good uplifting read, this is it:

I read it in one day (and night), I enjoyed it so much. It's the true story of a mother of ten children in the 50's and 60's who, with no help from her alcoholic husband, basically raised her family on earnings from jingles contests. Her positive attitude and sense of humor were so inspiring.

I know that a movie has been made about it, and I hope to see it soon, although often times movies aren't as great as the book.

So...go find the book at your library--you will enjoy it, I promise!

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