Sunday, May 11, 2008

Random Pics

It seems like I've gathered up a bunch of pictures that are interesting to me, but don't seem to fit with anything else, so here are some random leftover pics from the last week or so:

Between our recent Utah trip, our work trips to Corpus Christi, and Brad's work retreat last week, we've used our suitcases more than usual. Ty has taken to using them as special hiding spots.

This picture cracks me up because no one looks like they're having any fun. It looks like a before picture of a backyard pool makeover advertisement. Like at any moment they'll be surprised with a great big, fun, exciting pool--not this lame-o small plastic one, which was even more crowded when I got in!

We found our way to the town of Kirby's First Annual (and possibly final?) Hobo Festival, and Ty got to take a picture with the Hobo King! What a treat! Seriously, though, what is with the Giant BBQ Turkey legs for sale at all the festivals and theme parks and garage sales and any celebration you can think of here? Do other places focus so much on the turkey legs or is this just a Texas thing?

Sara always says that the humidity makes her feel like she's on vacation. That's how I feel whenever I see palm trees, which is a lot.

We happened to notice several children playing in long dresses. Then it registered to me that these must be some of those Polygamist Sect children. It was at a Catholic Children's Home.

Speaking of Catholic, some people may not know that there are several old missions here in San Antonio, not just the Alamo. We visited a couple of them, and were surprised to learn that they still have active parishes. This was an outdoor altar at the Mission Conception. It was kindof interesting trying to explain to Ty why Catholics pray to the virgin Mary.

Ty with the pretty Mission in the background. Another forced grin. Grrrrrr.


  1. fun pics! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Hobo festival looks like a rip roaring time. Who is the Hobo King? And why isn't he dressed like a Hobo?

    I love your description of the backyard pool picture. It's so funny to look at everyone's expressions.

  3. What is a hobo festival anyway?

    I remember being Catholic thinking "why am I praying TO Mary?" It was weird for me too.

    Love the random posts. They are fun!

  4. I love the pics, especially when paired with your commentary. It's fun to see snippets of what you have been up to.

  5. Love all the odd pics! Can I get in the pool too? That picture totally cracked me up:0)

  6. Wanna hear what I heard about "turkey legs" once???? A friend of mine used to work at DisneyWorld where they sell them, but told me they're not really turkey - they're EMU!!!

    Love the randomness of this post.

  7. looks like you guys had a good time and all the Catholic churches are really pretty. Now I want to take a trip out that way to see for myself. (I don't know how good Camri would do on such a long trip though!) It's so fun to see you guys and WOW has Ty got big, and he is so darn cute. I love your blog, and I am glad we can keep up. I am totally addicted to blogging too!!

  8. Okay so first of all I'm pretty sure our Texas is in a different world than your Texas...Second of all I LOVE the pool picture. And last of all...I don't like sci-fi or vampires but I have to say I LOVE Twilight and I think I'm starting to LOVE the Host...time will tell!!!

  9. Love your description of the photo that looks like it was taken before a backyard makeover! I needed to laugh, thanks. I also like the hobo festival photo and story. I have to say that I don't really think those turkey legs are that great. They look better than they taste in my opinion. I prefer the classic carny food like cotton candy, carmeled apples and curly fries. Just thought I'd share that with ya.

  10. the pool pic made me lol! so funny...

  11. Random picture blogs are great!

    I have to say, I love your picture of the dunes! If I'm correct, is that Lake Cleowox (sp?)?

    Oh, you've got such a cute family!


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