Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm stealing the following link from my friend Lindsey at the r house.
It reminds me of this day...

...and why I love Ty's birth family so much. I think birth families sometimes get a bad rap. People judge them and wonder how they could do that? Wonder if their hearts are made of stone. No, just the opposite, in fact. These are the brave people that do the hardest thing on earth to do, all because of true and pure love.

Click here to see the truth about adoption and birth families.

After you watch, you'll understand why we're so excited for Ty's birthmom to come visit us next weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In Primary this month we're learning a song about being a builder.
The words are as follows:

I am a builder working each day
To build my family.
And I will do the best I can
To serve them lovingly.
I am a builder growing so tall
And learning every day
To speak with kindness in my home,
To help at work and play.

My Heavenly Father sent me here
And he knows I can be
Strong and righteous as I build
My eternal family.

I am so blessed to have grown up with a very special builder in my life. He literally built the house that I grew up in with his own hands.

Under construction, around 1976

I felt so safe in this house. I was always so proud to call it home.

But so much more important than its physical construction is the building that went on inside its walls: half-awake scripture studies; piano recitals and dance performances; Father's blessings; basketball hoops and tetherballs hung from the ceiling for easy practice; heartfelt and understanding discussions; prayer, prayer, and more prayer; yes, some forced Johnny Mathis listening and Lawrence Welk watching; hard work and early mornings; apple peeling and coring; picture-taking; celebrating; schoolwork-helping; family-history digging; and so much more!

Thanks, Dad, for not just building our house, but--with Mom--building our Eternal Family.
I love you. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Scout Troop had a big yard sale today in the church parking lot. Brad got up at the crack of dawn to help out.

As they were sorting things, Brad saw what looked like Mosquito Netting. He asked Sister Robison, who was in charge, where to put the netting.

She was a bit busy, and without looking at it she said, Sporting Goods. So off Brad went to put it in Sporting Goods. On his way over, she actually looked at he was holding.

"Tulle," she said.

"What?" Brad asked.


"Tools? Okay, I'll put it by the tools."

"No, it's tulle."


"It's fabric. It's called tulle!"

I guess it's pretty obvious I don't do much sewing around here.
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