Thursday, November 17, 2011

We had our Second Annual Heber Valley Campout this year. It is always so fun up there.   Lots of fun cousin time, and it is so beautiful up in the Mountains.

The boys making weapons out of anything they can find.

Cousin Seth protecting us from something.


Play-doh is always fun.

Ty's goal was to catch a chipmunk in his bug collector.  I'm so surprised it didn't work!


Lauren and Trey dumping woodchips into the fire water.


Uncle Georg taking the boys on a chipmunk hunt.

Of course, camping isn't camping without s'mores.


The favorite activity of all: Uncle John hanging the kids on the flag pole by their pants.  Seriously, the kids could not get enough of this, wedgies and all!

Family Pics

We took pictures with family this summer. Here are some of them:
All the girl cousins (except one) on my side

The four boy cousins.

All of them together.

Tyler and Lauren

Some of the boy cousins on Brad's side.

Ty and LaLa again.

It was a very stormy day on the Salt Lake! We kept running out to take pictures inbetween cloudbursts! What you can't see are my muddy jeans from totally slipping and falling. It was a crazy day.
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