Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Pics

We took pictures with family this summer. Here are some of them:
All the girl cousins (except one) on my side

The four boy cousins.

All of them together.

Tyler and Lauren

Some of the boy cousins on Brad's side.

Ty and LaLa again.

It was a very stormy day on the Salt Lake! We kept running out to take pictures inbetween cloudbursts! What you can't see are my muddy jeans from totally slipping and falling. It was a crazy day.


  1. You have such a cute family!

  2. Your kiddos are looking so grown up and super dooper CUTE!!!

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I can't believe how big, I love the pic with Lauren and Tyler looking at each cute. Love ya Marcie

  4. You have such a beautiful family! The comment about you slipping and falling in the mud made me laugh. I think I have a picture of you covered in mud from when we were at BYU. I don't remember how it happened, but I remember we had a good laugh over it. I'm going to have to break out the albums :)


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