Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cute as a Bug

I've been a little stressed about some things that have come up this week, but these two cuties have been extra sweet and funny. I feel so much gratitude for them. Boy do I love them, and am so thankful for their birth families, whom we also love dearly. We finally got everything in to finalize Lauren's adoption, so hopefully we'll find out soon when our court date is! Can't wait to have this little bug officially part of our Forever Family.

p.s. No, this is not Halloween. This is just a normal day in our home. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Not an exciting post today, just a list of random things going through my mind:

1. Messy Eater Girl

This girl LOVES to get messy when she eats. She's perfectly able of using a fork and a spoon, but I think it's too bothersome for her. She likes her food, and she likes it NOW, and if she has to get it all over her, then so be it!

2. Valentines

We jumped on the same bandwagon as Margaret and SuzieQ, but the idea was so cute and easy, I couldn't resist. Ty just happened to be dressed up like a pirate, so we decided to go with a pirate theme.

3. Weather Vacuum

It still annoys me that I tend to be a weather vacuum. I admit, I like extreme weather. It excites me. It's fun for me. But I always seem to miss it.

When we lived in Utah before, we were in a drought. We moved away for two years, and they got so much snow and rain, they came out of the drought. Now we're back, and having drought patterns again!

Same with San Antonio. The whole time we were there it was a drought. Water restrictions and everything! Now this winter, since we've left, they've had a lot of rain.

I just seem to always miss the fun! Oh well, I am glad to have electricity, and no floods, etc. So I'll be grateful.

4. Sweet Big Brother

Overheard when Lauren was crying about taking a nap:

Tyler: It's okay Lauren, you're just afraid. But Heavenly Father will help you. You just can't see Him, but He's there.

I just thought that was so cute, cause he was so serious when he said it. He gets afraid a lot, and has learned to pray for help. I know he really believes that God is real.

5. Keyboard Bumps

Am I the only one that didn't know what the bumps on the F key and J key are for? Since our computer is in our bedroom, sometimes I end up typing and surfing the Net in the dark, since Brad is sleeping. I was SO HAPPY to learn that those bumps are there to know where your index fingers should be when typing. Now I don't have to lift the keyboard up toward the moniter to get enough light so I can find the right keys!

6. Sick Days

One or more of us have been sick, it seems, for a long time. That has led to a lot of Dr. Visits, and a lot of time hanging out at home. Missed meetings, missed workouts at the gym, missed family outings. But we've managed to still have some fun.

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