Friday, February 15, 2008

A Big Adventure

In an effort to educate ourselves and be a part of history in the making, a "companion" and I braved the westside streets of San Antonio, uncomfortably drove through a throng of protesters with pictures of aborted babies, strutted our stuff by the press hoping to get interviewed, and cut in line in front of a fraternity of college kids that were just happy not to be carrying a baby--all to see Hillary Clinton in person.

We did feel a little like we were crossing over to the dark side. I wondered if this is how non-members feel when they visit our church for the first time. I tried to blend in, and merely said I was undecided as the 50ish Latina sitting next to me carried on about how Hillary is a "woman of the people." My companion, on the other hand, (who wishes to remain anonymous lest her family think she has turned into a pot-smoking, granola-eating, tie-dye wearing liberal) cheered wildly-- to the consternation of all around her--when one of the pre-Hillary speakers asked if there were any Republicans in the house!

Luckily, the baby saved the day. Many oohed and aahed as she danced along to the theme song, "Taking Care of Business," while it played over and over to dull the pain of waiting for "her majesty" to show. Some people must not have heard the "I'm a Republican" cheer, because a lot of them kept looking at the baby, saying things like, "Oh, we have the youngest Clinton supporter right here!" We just smiled a bit and tried to change the subject.

My anonymous partner in crime and the dancing baby.

The whole evening was targeted toward the Latino community (acually the majority in San Antonio), so naturally there was a mariachi band. Of course Hillary had to mention that it was here that she got her "passion for Mexican Food" back in 1972 as a person that went door to door signing up Hispanics to vote.

Apparently, Hillary missed going door-to-door, because that's what she did in the neighborhood around the arena before coming to see us. Only no one else knew that, so the leaders would get everyone excited and cheering, so as to let Hillary know that "Texas is Clinton Country," and then nothing would happen. After about 23 times of the roaring excitement ending in disillusionment, her real entrance was a bit anti-climatic.

We saw her, heard her, and my companion swears they made eye contact.

Final judgement: Not all that impressed.

If fact, we were more impressed with the process and just thankful that as Americans, we have the freedom to rally and support whoever we think will do the best job. We were impressed with how hard she works, and that she has led the way for other women to follow. But I don't see myself voting for her if she makes it past Obama.


  1. I am dying Sal. This description made me feel like I was there with you!

    I was going to attempt to write about this, but what's the point now. You said it all. Maybe I'll just cut/paste and quote you.

    Love it Love it. Ditto Ditto.


  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I did make eye contact.

  3. Oh my gosh. You are so funny. I love the picture of ? and baby ?? Wish I could have been there with you hooligans.

  4. Sal seriously, this is your best post yet. Love it!!

  5. Ditto to ALL of the above!!! You are a riot! That was a great post... both times I read it.

    (LOVE the photo of your "anonymous companion" all blacked out. So awesome!)

    YOu are one funny girlie!

  6. Mitt Romney eats granola.
    ("Mary mashed 'em")

  7. Is this your Eugene roots coming out? I wonder if any of us got out of there unscathed. :)

  8. This was fun to read! That is so awesome that you guys got to experience that! Remember when we went and saw Bill at Mac Court in Eugene?! Aren't you glad you grew up in a place with a little diversity?! Eugene is great- I'm so glad I grew up in a community where everyone didn't think the same. Your anonymous buddy's parents should be proud to have a daughter with an open mind of her own out there learning about the candidates! How else can we make good, educated decisions? You go girls!


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