Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Break

Sometimes it's good to switch gears. I've been (and still am!) in political gear right now, and I'm sure it's annoying to some of you who read my blog. So sorry about that, it's just that for the first time in my life I'm asking myself what I really think about these issues, not just what the party I was born into says I should think! It's quite interesting. And confusing. And I'm finding that there aren't a lot of cut and dried answers out there. an effort to take a little time out, here's a clip of Tyler at the Obama rally. I'm not sure if he's making up a new dance move, or pretending to sing, but hey, it kept him occupied for a little bit of the three hours we were out in the sun.


  1. WHAT a cutie patootie!!

  2. Makes my lips chap! :D He was so good this day, better than you could ask any 3 yr old to be. SO impressed. LOve my little buddy TY.

  3. He's got some moves!

  4. I am amazed that Ty went with you and lasted through the whole thing. I thought it was just you and your "friend" with her baby. Was Addie there too?
    Good job, Ty Ty

  5. Andrea12:33 AM

    Hi cuz!!! I think that it's so cool that you and Sara are participating in the political campaigns!! I would go with you guys if I lived there!!! I love you and miss you all!!!!

  6. Have you been taking him to Kiss concerts lately? He had to learn that tongue action somewhere!
    Adorable footage!


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