Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a Difference!

My face has been through a lot today. Between the marks left on it from being taped and glued to a bunch of wires for a sleep study last night (how anyone can sleep with that many wires, I don't have a clue) and getting sunburned today, (yes, I think it's my first ever February sunburn) I'm feeling a bit splotchy.

You know who's not splotchy? (Yes, I know, not my best segue ever, but here's a hint: he's standing behind me in the picture) Barack Obama!

For our second installment of the Presidential Hopefuls Series, Sara (I mean my anonymous companion) and I pulled some Grandpa Lake maneuvers and found ourselves on the fifth row front and center at Obama's Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio today. (In case you're not familiar with Grandpa Lake's ways, let's just say he wasn't always the best at waiting in lines )

I don't know how our two experiences could have been more different! While Hillary's rally was exciting, it seemed strained at times. Obama's rally had a genuine undercurrent to it that wasn't forced; it was calm and confident.

So was Obama. He was smart, and real, and funny! He didn't do the fake "point and smile" like Hillary, he didn't just give lofty intentions. He spent well over an hour talking real issues and taking questions from the audience. I found myself really wanting to believe him, hoping that he really could accomplish all that he has set out to do.

I know I don't agree with him on all the issues, but I do agree with him more than I thought. I also like that he seems to be a uniter, and that he won't mess around with all the lobbyists and corruption that Washington is so famous for.

I was also happy that The Star Spangled Banner was sung, and an invocation was given. Both of those things were missing at Hillary's party.

So...we saw him, we heard him, and we had NUMEROUS eye contact moments, being on the fifth row and all. :)

Final Judgement: Pretty Darn Impressed!

Look--it's too early for me to be decided on the November election. I'm not a democrat, so I have no say in Texas' primary. But if it turns out to be a McCain/Obama race in the national election, McCain's gonna have to have something pretty special up his sleeve to impress me as much as I was impressed today. Game on!


  1. I love that its an installment, series! SO great! We have to see McCain, see what he can give us! The best part of the day however, is that we still ended up sitting next to each other, so close. Love it Sal, Love you!

    Here's to February Sun!

  2. O.k. I like Obama too. As a person of integrity. But what about pulling out of the war immediately and what about socialized medicine? I don't think I could vote for someone who would have those things uppermost on their agenda.

  3. you need to come to oregon to play wall ball AND get a facial...sunburns are bad for your skin! : )

  4. I haven't hear God Bless America since I was a kid. I used to love it!

    Loved your post. Sorry about the burn...although I couldn't tell. If I got burned, I'd look like a beet next to your tan skin. :-)

    Thanks for checking out the candidates and keeping me posted...

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Presidential hopefull Series! Sounds like there is a lot of excitement in the air down there in the lone star state! It's been very interesting reading your thoughts on the candidates. I respect the fact that you are trying hard to keep and open mind and really study this out for yourself! Way to go! I'm trying hard to do the same. Of the two democrats, I'm leaning more towards Obama, although I like and respect Hillary. Of the Republicans, I'm sad Mit is out. I don't know about McCain yet. Like you said though, it's still early. This is an exciting race! 3 of my family members have chosen their candidate and they are all different candidates! This is great for me because I get to hear about all three. Anyway, thanks for sharing Sal!

  6. Hey there! I commented on Sara's since I read hers first but basically I agree with Sus. I really like him and what he seems to stand for, but can't get on board with his policies. I'm looking forward to learning more.

  7. I agree, McCain needs to really show his stuff. Game on for sure!

  8. OK Sal, I wasn't as impressed with him as you I think you might have been this day, or at least it has all worn off. Today at the debate..ouch. He looked and sounded like he had no ground. I remembered that one joke he made about "that certain drug" and other things, and actually have a bad taste in my mouth right now for him, not personally, but as President. Really, the debate just made him look bad. Like he is borrowing other peoples ideas and doesn't really know what to do on his own. Especially with the economy. He seems all talk right now, he knows the right things to say. Yep, not for me..at least for the time being (I reserve the right to change)

    "Not change you can believe in, change you can xerox" Ouch..best quote of the night from Hillary about Obama.

    I'd love to hear your take, if you saw it.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  9. Sara, that is so funny that you feel that way, because I totally don't! I thought he did a good job on the debate. I mean, it's not his strongest venue, but we knew that before tonight. I thought he held his own.

    And why does everyone say he is just words? I don't get that at all. I think the press has exaggerated that argument much like they did with the whole flip-flopping thing with Romney. It's all they can dig up. I think he's got a plan just like Hillary and McCain have a plan.

    Obviously the economy isn't his strongest suit like Romney, but I don't think he's worse than McCain, who has admitted that he's not the biggest expert on the economy.

    I like his take on education. No Child Left Behind is horribly underfunded and stresses everyone out so much there's not much fun in school anymore. Just test preparation.

    I'm leaning toward his stand on immigration (I really don't think sending them all back is realistic or empathetic to all the individual situations) although I would like to see the wall up. And I'm glad he wants to get tough on employers. And I think the Dream Act is nice.

    I'm still investigating the whole health care issue. That gets a bit confusing for me. But I know that the system as it stands needs serious help.

    One thing that George Bush promised and didn't come through for us was uniting people from across the aisle. Perhaps if he were a little more inspiring and a little less painful to watch, he could have been more successful. Barack is inspiring, especially in person and in speeches. Perhaps he really can inspire people in Washington to come together so we're not just in a huge stalemate for eight more years!

    The war is another really hard issue that I keep going back and forth on. That's the one issue that I really don't think anyone can say there is one right way to do things, because there are so many unknowns. But I do feel that Iraq needs to stop leaning on us and take some responsibility for themselves.

    I think the whole plagiarism stuff is just Hillary's desperate grasp for something to get an edge on him. I don't care that he borrowed some words from his friend.

    So...I need to hear more from McCain to balance all this out. I wish we could get on to the general election already!

    Thanks for letting me rant!

  10. Sal-Sorry for the serious ranting above. I was obviously charged from the debate and I didn't at all mean to diss you or your opinion. You know we mostly share the same views. I think I need to take a break from all of it for a bit. The political game playing on all sides. Right now it's hard for me to believe anybody and I WANT TO. I want to have HOPE in our leaders like I do in America.

    There is so much that I don't know. Because I am only informed through the media, I don't know what would be best for Iraq and Illegal Immigration, yet feel like it should be something more in the middle- not staying forever, yet not leaving immediately, not sending everyone home straightway (Huck's the only one in the race who wants to do this anyway) but not letting them have an easy path to citizenship either.So... I am at a loss. I keep dreaming I am going to have an experience where I feel like one of the candidates carries my same exact opinion, but obviously that's not possible now, so I need to just decided what matters most. The guy who promises real change, seeks to inspire but has some core moral differences...or the guy who stands with my moral issues but has done things to lose my trust.??

    I wish I could say it's not possible to have a candidate that agrees with you on everything, but that's the sad part is, there actually WAS one. I think that is what has made me expect and hope for more. It's hard to settle now. Darn Romney. ;D

    Anyway, long winded me. Just wanted to let you know I am taking a political hiatus for now...just until the next big move or change at least.

    I would like to see McCain but have we already missed him?

    Love you Sal. As Always I value your opinion, even if you did think he did well in the debate. :)

  11. ok that was a joke, I know you know that's not his strong point.

  12. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Thanks for a great post! I have heard a lot of Obama bashing lately (particularly on the Mormon side of the fence) but I am impressed with what he brings to the table and his charisma. Thanks for highlighting the good stuff.


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