Tuesday, January 23, 2007

11 days!

Eleven days until Ty gets to see his cousins Jacob, Jessica and Katelyn! He wishes he had a sweatshirt with everybody's name on it, but we could only find one with Jake's name.

Friday, January 19, 2007


1. Freezing Cold and Hazy. It's too cold to spend any real amount of time outside, and the air is so bad, I wouldn't want to anyway. This has caused a bit of cabin fever, I'm afraid. You can only go to the Arctic Circle playland so many times a week before they start wondering if you work there.

2. Payday is supposed to be great, but I always get a little depressed because after paying all the bills, I see how little we have to live on until next payday. The heating bill this month was outrageous! I know we make more money now than when we were in school, but more expenses show up, too: higher rent, life insurance, school loan payments...it gets frustrating.

3. Another Friday goes by, and we still don't have a clue where we'll be transferred to. We've been in limbo for so long it's not funny anymore.

4. I thought I was over this one, but I was reading a lady's blog about deciding she was done having children, and then deciding she wasn't done, and how now she's due in May. I'm totally happy for her, but sometimes I'm still caught off-guard when I remember that most people have a choice. Most people can decide to get pregnant or not get pregnant, and when! It's funny how I think I'm just fine with all my infertility issues when something dumb like this gets me all in a funk again.

Okay kids, I got it out. No need to freak out and think I'm all depressed, it's just one of those days. I'm sure the normal Sal will return tomorrow.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

50 Things I Like

Sunsets. Maps. Candlelight. A whole day to read. St John Chapter 14. Tyler's blue eyes. Taking the back roads. Holding hands. Fall leaves. The Amazing Race. Hyacinths. New Poems. Spontaneous trips. Stephen's brand Orange Creme Hot Chocolate. The start of football season. Christmas morning. Haceta Head Lighthouse. Cafe Rio pork salad w/both dressings. Old friends. American Idol after the meanness at the beginning. The Salt Lake City Library. Tornadoes. Snuggling. Reading old letters. Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. Fireflies. Dollar movies. Relief Society. Finding killer deals. Cold Mountain Dew. Hammocks. The Bountiful Deseret Industries. Getting the mail. Naptime. New calendars. Rough-housing with TyTy. Surprise flowers. Lunch with Mom. Giving and getting compliments. Trips to Susan's house. Office supply stores. Citrus smells. See's chocolate. Finding forgotten money. 80's and 90's music. Planning vacations. Time by myself after everyone's in bed. Collard Lake. Scary roller coasters. New babies.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pinball, Poo, and President Kimball

How can it be that the same 2 year old that had a poo-poo in the bathtub yesterday, is playing Pinball on the computer like a pro? Brad taught him how, and now he starts the game all by himself with the mouse, and finds the keys (the z, the ?, and the space bar)to play all by himself! It's crazy! (Please excuse my messy desk!)

On another subject, I'm teaching the lesson tomorrow in Relief Society on President Kimball. I'm so excited to study his words this year. I found a little video blurb on him to show in the lesson, and it was so fun to hear that unique voice again. He is the Prophet of my childhood, and it's fun to revisit him.
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