Thursday, January 18, 2007

50 Things I Like

Sunsets. Maps. Candlelight. A whole day to read. St John Chapter 14. Tyler's blue eyes. Taking the back roads. Holding hands. Fall leaves. The Amazing Race. Hyacinths. New Poems. Spontaneous trips. Stephen's brand Orange Creme Hot Chocolate. The start of football season. Christmas morning. Haceta Head Lighthouse. Cafe Rio pork salad w/both dressings. Old friends. American Idol after the meanness at the beginning. The Salt Lake City Library. Tornadoes. Snuggling. Reading old letters. Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. Fireflies. Dollar movies. Relief Society. Finding killer deals. Cold Mountain Dew. Hammocks. The Bountiful Deseret Industries. Getting the mail. Naptime. New calendars. Rough-housing with TyTy. Surprise flowers. Lunch with Mom. Giving and getting compliments. Trips to Susan's house. Office supply stores. Citrus smells. See's chocolate. Finding forgotten money. 80's and 90's music. Planning vacations. Time by myself after everyone's in bed. Collard Lake. Scary roller coasters. New babies.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you still like Saturday Market in Eugene! Be proud of the place where your roots are planted! Man, I miss Eugene!

  2. Oh, I love finding killer deals too...and the amazing race and naptime and new babies...sigh.

  3. Susan1:50 AM

    I totally agree with you about American Idol being mean in the beginning. I HATE that. They are so rude to those poor weird people who think they can sing. Some of them are obviously mentally ill and the judges still make rude comments and laugh at them.
    I loved reading about the things you love.
    I want to copy you.


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