Monday, February 25, 2008

Here's to Good Days

Acted Sweet; Lots of Loving Words and Hugs

No Tantrums

Brad Traveled Safely to and from Houston for Work

Found Some Good Deals at the Supermarket

Made Arrangements for Date Night
(thank you Spencer & Sara!)

What a Beautiful Day!
(And still dry here in San Antonio.
Brad said it was pretty humid in Houston. )

Life is Good!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Break

Sometimes it's good to switch gears. I've been (and still am!) in political gear right now, and I'm sure it's annoying to some of you who read my blog. So sorry about that, it's just that for the first time in my life I'm asking myself what I really think about these issues, not just what the party I was born into says I should think! It's quite interesting. And confusing. And I'm finding that there aren't a lot of cut and dried answers out there. an effort to take a little time out, here's a clip of Tyler at the Obama rally. I'm not sure if he's making up a new dance move, or pretending to sing, but hey, it kept him occupied for a little bit of the three hours we were out in the sun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a Difference!

My face has been through a lot today. Between the marks left on it from being taped and glued to a bunch of wires for a sleep study last night (how anyone can sleep with that many wires, I don't have a clue) and getting sunburned today, (yes, I think it's my first ever February sunburn) I'm feeling a bit splotchy.

You know who's not splotchy? (Yes, I know, not my best segue ever, but here's a hint: he's standing behind me in the picture) Barack Obama!

For our second installment of the Presidential Hopefuls Series, Sara (I mean my anonymous companion) and I pulled some Grandpa Lake maneuvers and found ourselves on the fifth row front and center at Obama's Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio today. (In case you're not familiar with Grandpa Lake's ways, let's just say he wasn't always the best at waiting in lines )

I don't know how our two experiences could have been more different! While Hillary's rally was exciting, it seemed strained at times. Obama's rally had a genuine undercurrent to it that wasn't forced; it was calm and confident.

So was Obama. He was smart, and real, and funny! He didn't do the fake "point and smile" like Hillary, he didn't just give lofty intentions. He spent well over an hour talking real issues and taking questions from the audience. I found myself really wanting to believe him, hoping that he really could accomplish all that he has set out to do.

I know I don't agree with him on all the issues, but I do agree with him more than I thought. I also like that he seems to be a uniter, and that he won't mess around with all the lobbyists and corruption that Washington is so famous for.

I was also happy that The Star Spangled Banner was sung, and an invocation was given. Both of those things were missing at Hillary's party.

So...we saw him, we heard him, and we had NUMEROUS eye contact moments, being on the fifth row and all. :)

Final Judgement: Pretty Darn Impressed!

Look--it's too early for me to be decided on the November election. I'm not a democrat, so I have no say in Texas' primary. But if it turns out to be a McCain/Obama race in the national election, McCain's gonna have to have something pretty special up his sleeve to impress me as much as I was impressed today. Game on!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Big Adventure

In an effort to educate ourselves and be a part of history in the making, a "companion" and I braved the westside streets of San Antonio, uncomfortably drove through a throng of protesters with pictures of aborted babies, strutted our stuff by the press hoping to get interviewed, and cut in line in front of a fraternity of college kids that were just happy not to be carrying a baby--all to see Hillary Clinton in person.

We did feel a little like we were crossing over to the dark side. I wondered if this is how non-members feel when they visit our church for the first time. I tried to blend in, and merely said I was undecided as the 50ish Latina sitting next to me carried on about how Hillary is a "woman of the people." My companion, on the other hand, (who wishes to remain anonymous lest her family think she has turned into a pot-smoking, granola-eating, tie-dye wearing liberal) cheered wildly-- to the consternation of all around her--when one of the pre-Hillary speakers asked if there were any Republicans in the house!

Luckily, the baby saved the day. Many oohed and aahed as she danced along to the theme song, "Taking Care of Business," while it played over and over to dull the pain of waiting for "her majesty" to show. Some people must not have heard the "I'm a Republican" cheer, because a lot of them kept looking at the baby, saying things like, "Oh, we have the youngest Clinton supporter right here!" We just smiled a bit and tried to change the subject.

My anonymous partner in crime and the dancing baby.

The whole evening was targeted toward the Latino community (acually the majority in San Antonio), so naturally there was a mariachi band. Of course Hillary had to mention that it was here that she got her "passion for Mexican Food" back in 1972 as a person that went door to door signing up Hispanics to vote.

Apparently, Hillary missed going door-to-door, because that's what she did in the neighborhood around the arena before coming to see us. Only no one else knew that, so the leaders would get everyone excited and cheering, so as to let Hillary know that "Texas is Clinton Country," and then nothing would happen. After about 23 times of the roaring excitement ending in disillusionment, her real entrance was a bit anti-climatic.

We saw her, heard her, and my companion swears they made eye contact.

Final judgement: Not all that impressed.

If fact, we were more impressed with the process and just thankful that as Americans, we have the freedom to rally and support whoever we think will do the best job. We were impressed with how hard she works, and that she has led the way for other women to follow. But I don't see myself voting for her if she makes it past Obama.

Monday, February 11, 2008

TV Chat

The writer's strike didn't really affect me that much, because the only scripted show I watch is The Office, and that's so great I don't mind watching reruns! But I do like other shows like Amazing Race, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, House Hunters, 20/20, 60 Minutes, and Rachael Ray. (I know I've written about it before, but I can't say it enough: Gotta love DVR!)

Since the latest Amazing Race ended, I've felt a void because that and The Office are the only ones Brad and I like to sit down and watch together. (Well, he'll watch an occasional House Hunters, but I wouldn't say it's his favorite)

Well, we found another one that's pretty funny, especially if you like country music like we do (another confession Brad probably wouldn't like me mentioning)! The show is called Gone Country, and it's on CMT (Country Music Television).

The premise is that John Rich, of the band Big & Rich, invites seven formerly-famous singers in different genres to turn country. They all do activities that will help them get in touch with country music, and then they will have to write and perform a country song. At the end, one will be chosen to record and release their song to country music fans and radio.

The contestants are
  • Julio Iglesias Jr. (latin singer, son of Julio Iglesias)
  • Carnie Wilson (lead singer of Wilson Phillips, daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson)
  • Dee Snider (lead singer of 80's rock band Twisted Sister)
  • Sisqo (African American Rapper)
  • Diana DiGarmo (came in 2nd on American Idol)
  • Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady--who knew she could sing?!)
  • Bobby Brown (80's pop star and famous drug-doing abusive former husband of Whitney Houston.

So far, it's been hilarious at moments, and a bit scary, too. (Disclaimer: I would use parental caution and probably not show this in front of kids--it's not really bad, just bleeped out words and some crude moments)

Bobby Brown actually seemed nice at first, until he got drunk one night and you could see his true colors. And who knew he had a sleepwalking problem?

Marsha Brady seems stuck at age 12, she's a star-struck screamer, and we thinks she needs therapy.

I wasn't really a fan of hers on Idol, but she actually sounded good on her first performance. Could be a contender.

Still don't know much about him, or whether he can sing instead of rap.

Seems nice, and I hope he does well. A latin country star could be interesting.

Obnoxious. Nothing more to say.

She's really nice and obviously talented, but insecure and a little co-dependent.

They're still showing all three shows on CMT, so if you do have DVR you could still record it. Let me know what you think if you do watch it!

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Future of America?

Buckle your seatbelts, America. I think we're in for a ride.

(Thanks to my friend Nettie, for posting this pic on her site)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008


Okay, I'm really embarrassed to post this, and I wouldn't, except that I thought Brad was so cute, that I have to share.

Since we moved into this house, it seems I've had a harder time than normal remembering to flush the toilet! It's not like I forget all the time, but it happens enought that I admit, I have a problem. I don't know why, I've never had this problem before! Very gross and very embarrassing! So after yet another forgetful trip yesterday, I came into the bathroom before bed and saw this sign on the door that faces the toilet.

Isn't that so sweet that really, he could justifiably be mad or at the very least, naggy. But instead of embarrassing me, or making me feel horrible, he just wants to remind me in a friendly way to flush? And he even tried to make the sign all cute with bubble letters and music notes! Thanks for the good example, Brad.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's for Dinner?

My mom's three least favorite words in the English language: What's for Dinner? I have to agree--not my favorite question either. But I've had a pretty good week of meals, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone:
My favorite has to be this 2 day meal plan from Rachael Ray. I made a pork tenderloin roast with gravy and vegetables one day. Then I simply saved half the pork and gravy for the next day's Black Bean Chili . It turned out really well. I actually only got one bowl because Brad ate all the leftovers up so fast!

Different, but Good:
I tried this one because Brad likes stuffing a lot, and this isn't just the same old tired stuffing recipe. It's called Tangy Pork Chop Stuffing Bake, and I actually liked it!

Creamy Tortellini
Because I know that Brad doesn't love tortellini, I made this last night when he was gone on a business trip. I didn't have bacon, so I just substituted ham instead. I added some chopped onion, too, that I sauteed up with the ham. It was yummy.

Tomorrow night:
We got a call from the missionaries tonight reminding us that we'd signed up to feed them tomorrow. (Heads up, Sara: I think you signed up for the day after us!) Luckily, I've got the ingredients to make this Shepherd's Pie. I'm usually not a great fan of Shepherd's pie, but Rachael Ray usually knows how to spice things up a bit, so I think it'll be good.

Do you have any favorite recipes to share?

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