Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pinball, Poo, and President Kimball

How can it be that the same 2 year old that had a poo-poo in the bathtub yesterday, is playing Pinball on the computer like a pro? Brad taught him how, and now he starts the game all by himself with the mouse, and finds the keys (the z, the ?, and the space bar)to play all by himself! It's crazy! (Please excuse my messy desk!)

On another subject, I'm teaching the lesson tomorrow in Relief Society on President Kimball. I'm so excited to study his words this year. I found a little video blurb on him to show in the lesson, and it was so fun to hear that unique voice again. He is the Prophet of my childhood, and it's fun to revisit him.


  1. Susan4:38 PM

    Funny TyTy. Little computer whiz!

    I hate the poo-poo in the bath thing.

    We also saw a little video clip of President Kimball in R.S. today. It was so neat to learn about his early life and see pictures of him as a young man.

  2. Spencer loves the computer, or as he sometimes calls it...the compuper!


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