Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bear Lake Adventure

We had a fun little vacation at Bear Lake with Brad's family just after Christmas. We stayed at this really nice cabin that had six bedrooms and lots of room. And a great view of the lake (you can see it there in the background).

Grandma brought some crafty things for the cousins to do, like decorating Gingerbread men with marshmallows, candy and frosting.

Of course, Ty wasn't interested in decorating the cookie--he just kept putting frosting on it and eating it. Yum Yum.

We rented snowmobiles one day and went riding around the trails above the cabin. Way fun! Brad took Ty on a little ride and went really slow so I wouldn't worry. Ty loved it!

June brought little New Year's toys from England that pop and have little toys in them, along with crowns. Ty is blowing the little horn that he got, and we're all wearing our crowns.

Except for our car getting stuck on the hill on our way out (John ended up towing us with his truck--we brought chains, but they didn't fit our tires!) we had a really fun time. Everyone got along and the cousins had a great time getting to know one another again.


  1. SusieQ12:23 AM

    Sounds like great fun! And I just have to say...what a beautiful child you have! I love that picture of him with the cookie.

    How old are all his cousins?

  2. Brinley and Gavin are 3, Ty is 2, Meikell is 6 months behind him, Davis and Emma are newly one, and Jeff and Rebecca had to miss the vacation because they just had Baby Seth on Wednesday.

  3. I love the pictures! Sounds like you guys had a really nice time. You 3 make a very cute family!


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