Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Scout Troop had a big yard sale today in the church parking lot. Brad got up at the crack of dawn to help out.

As they were sorting things, Brad saw what looked like Mosquito Netting. He asked Sister Robison, who was in charge, where to put the netting.

She was a bit busy, and without looking at it she said, Sporting Goods. So off Brad went to put it in Sporting Goods. On his way over, she actually looked at he was holding.

"Tulle," she said.

"What?" Brad asked.


"Tools? Okay, I'll put it by the tools."

"No, it's tulle."


"It's fabric. It's called tulle!"

I guess it's pretty obvious I don't do much sewing around here.


  1. I don't think any guy would know what it was called. It proves how different men and women really are. Funny story.

  2. Andrea11:58 PM

    I didn't know that it was called that either!! I was at a Primary activity a couple of months ago, and one of the leaders told me to "not throw away the tulle." I just pretended like I knew what she was talking about and then ended throwing it away. I had to go digging threw the trash about 10 minutes later when she asked, "Where did that tulle go?" 2 weeks until baby comes!! Can't wait!!

    Love ya,

  3. oh man. i love boys. i am sure josh would have no clue.

    also, i am adding you to my "Adoptive Couples" list today. i can't believe you are not already there seeing as we are bff's!

  4. Sally- I just spent WAY too much time reading your blog. I got all the way back to last summer with your Girls Camp post. You really are entertaining. It's fun to get a little peak into other people's lives.

    -I love your blogs about the hurricanes, especially since we just talked about that today.

    -Do you want to go to Girls Camp this year? I'm sure there's room for some more cabin mom's or kitchen help. I know the girls just love you. They talk about you all the time.

    -And what 99 cent store do you go to??!!! PLease do share!

  5. O.K., now that is really FUNNY!!!


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