Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seven Things

I was tagged by my SIL Rebecca (her blog is private, otherwise I would have linked).

Seven things I can do:
1. Find a good deal.
2. Create a meal out of random ingredients in my cupboard/fridge.
3. Tell when American Idol contestants are off pitch.
4. Laugh at myself. And my husband.
5. Parallel park.
6. Sightread well enough to play most hymns on the piano.
7. Find my way without asking for directions. (It may take a little longer, but I eventually get wherever I want to go!)

Seven things I can NOT do:
1. Enjoy baking.
2. Roll my r's.
3. Kill an animal. (I can do bugs, but I hate it.)
4. Keep my car clean.
5. Stop my backseat-driving tendencies.
6. Live without air-conditioning.
7. Be a morning person.

Seven things I say the most:
1. Hoo-da-lolly!
2. I Wuv Woo. (Click here for the story)
3. Feel free to come out when you're acting sweet.
4. I can't hear you through all that whining.
5. Okie Dokie Hokie Pokey.
6. If you can hear me clap two times.
7. Oh man!

Seven goals I have:
1. Keep up my exercise routine.
2. Achieve our financial goals.
3. Improve as a piano teacher.
4. Remember all my primary meetings!
5. Listen more, advise less.
6. Attend temple more.
7. Get over phone anxiety.

Seven reasons I fell in love with my spouse:
1. Spirituality--I met him on his mission and was so impressed with his faith, dedication, and obedience.
2. Kindness--he is so nice to everyone he meets. Not judgemental.
3. Didn't play games--he came right out and said what he was feeling.
4. Cutie Patooty.
5. Open-minded and spontaneous--he's up for just about any challenge or adventure.
6. So good with kids.
7. Treated his mom and Grandmas with respect--I knew if he did that, then he would be that way with me and teach our sons to be that way, too.

Seven thing I love to eat:
1. Hawaiian food: teriyaki chicken, rice, macaroni salad
2. Cafe Rio Pork Salad
3. Twix candy bar
4. Avacado in any form
5. Cilantro on anything
6. Chocolate chip cookies
7. TCBY white chocolate mousse flavor

Seven people I tag:
2. You
3. You
4. You
5. You
6. You
7. You


  1. Remind me to not let you ride in my back seat. I get that enough from Joe. :) Hello new blogging buddy!

  2. I loved reading these! Was cracking up at the things you say your not good at! And amen to the things you are! You definitely know how to makes meals from scratch! Still loving the barbecue, mozarella dish you invented. You are on of the best people I know (the only other even up there being my husband) with directions and not many people can claim parallel parking. You just plain rock! So grateful you are a part of my life.


  3. Hi Sal!!! I'm surpised that Thai Village Red Curry didn't make the top 7. Remember drinking the sauce out of our to-go cups?! I miss you and wish we lived next door to eachother. I'm going to be having some "break-downs" pretty soon here with baby #3. I'm getting anxious and nervous about it already!! I'll Email you and give all the details. Love you!!!
    p.s. This is Andrea!

  4. I Wuv Woo! Sometimes I am just not into some of these tag posts, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Maybe when I am in a good, tag luvin' kinda mood I'll do it too:0)

  5. Miley Cyrus would love this post.

  6. I guess I'm not caught up on my Miley Cyrus--why would she love this?


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