Thursday, February 05, 2009

Reluctant 25 Things

I wasn't going to do the whole "25 Things" thing that's been going around on Facebook, mainly because everybody's doing it, and I hate to do something that everybody's doing (I still have never seen ET or Titanic)! But I have no other ideas for a post, so here goes...(although I'm only posting it here, not Facebook, so I'm still kind of a rebel!)

1. I like feeling cold. I love the feeling of cold sheets when I get into bed. Brad is the complete opposite. That is why he has a twin-size electric blanket on his side.

2. I have always and always will hate mustard.

3. I would rather scrub a toilet than empty the dishwasher.

4. I love Texas, but I just don't think it's pretty like Oregon and Utah. I miss my Sunday drives into the mountains.

5. Texas Natives will NOT listen to that last comment. They will fight it tooth and nail, saying that there is nowhere prettier than Texas.

6. I like to try and get Brad to say stuff that he doesn't want to say. Like, he hates it when couples talk baby talk to each other, so I often say, "I wuv woo," just to bug him, and he'll say "I love you, too." But I keep saying "I wuv woo," until he breaks down and says, "I wuv woo, too." Sweet victory!

7. Brad will deny everything in that last comment. Except that I like to bug him. He'll agree with that!

8. I had NOTHING to do with the Christmas tree falling over in the front room when I was five. I was simply sitting at the table, eating my clam chowder, and it fell. End of story!

9. I did, however, have EVERYTHING to do with shaving my eyebrows in the third grade, even though I denied it.

10. I am not a very good play partner for Tyler. By the time I'm done playing, all the bad guys have made up and are having hot cocoa and toast in the castle. Nobody kills or fights, everybody gets along. Not very masculine.

11. I really like doubles tennis, and think Brad and I make a good partnership. If anyone would like to play sometime, call us up!

12. I have phone anxiety. I always feel like a dork on the phone. I am bad at thinking of things to say.

13. I LOVE Neil Diamond.

14. I always have to know what direction I'm facing. San Antonio has humbled me in this regard, because there is no grid; very few streets are straight North-South or East-West.

15. I am left-handed and proud of it, but am secretly glad that Tyler favors his right-hand. Too many things are harder for left-handers.

16. I LOVE to cook, but HATE to bake.

17. If I had to choose between a paper-supply store and a department store, 99 times out of 100 I would choose the paper-supply store.

18. On average, I am in the middle of about 5 books at a time. Yes, it does get confusing sometimes!

19. We have a name for the remote: Minnoe Pinnoe, Minnoe for short. "Hey, do you know where the minnoe is?" "Have you tried inside the couch cushion?"

20. Sometimes Tyler says things wrong, and we don't correct him, because it's so cute: "Mom, can we put some Smarshmallows in the hot chocolate?" "Mom, does this yogurt have any Chokes (chunks) in it?"

21. I cut my own hair. Sometimes it turns out well, other times I have to go in and get it fixed.

22. Now that I'm on Facebook, I don't think I'll feel the need to go to my high-school reunions. You get to see what people are up to, without all the social anxiety!

23. I am SOOOOO not a morning person.

24. I'd rather have last night's leftovers for breakfast than breakfast food. I could live without pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, cereal, etc.

25. Shows I record on the DVR: Gilmore Girls, NBC Nightly News, Nightline, American Idol, Amazing Race, CBS Sunday Morning, The Office, House Hunters, Designed to Sell, Property Virgins, Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay, 30 minute meals, and our latest, Howie Do It.


  1. I can totally relate to 12 and 13! I really do not like to talk on the phone either- I'd rather speak to people in person or e-mail them! And I love Neil Diamond!

  2. "This is Howie Do It!" Can you hear me singing??

    I love that you did this. I, too, will not be doing this on Facebook... or my blog. (although now that I put that out there to the world, I'll probably make a liar out of myself and end up doing it.)

    Great randoms about ya. I love reading everyone's. Have you seen Property Ladder? It's one of my faves.

  3. Sally, I love that you did this too. I wasn't planning on doing it either, but finally caved because I have so much fun reading everyone else's. Fun stories. Are you sure about that Christmas tree?=) And do you really cut your own hair? Do you cut others? And Minnoe Pinnoe?

  4. #6 cracked me up. Remember when we were out shopping with Harold and he kept trying to make me say some stupid thing. I refused and he kept following me saying it louder and louder until you finally broke and pleaded with me "JUST SAY IT SUSAN!!! PLEASE SAY IT" because he was embarrasing you so much.

  5. You big rebel you! Hahaha! You know it was a little fun. :) No mustard?! What?? Great list!

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    OK...I'll empty your dishwasher and you scrub my toilets!!! How I wish you lived close enough to cut my hair EVERY time--no one else can cut it like you....and it needs it again!
    I was going to call you on the phone today...but now you'll just have to read this.
    Thanks for the adorable picture of Ty in the oriental garden. Love you, MOM

  7. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I did it! I did it! Thanks for the tutorial. Love, MOM

  8. I am so glad you caved and posted this. I learned so much about you. I love it. I agree with your mom. I will empty your dish washer but I would also have to load it. I have issues with that. Anyways and you clean my toilets. Also I love breakfast foods, I don't understand how people do not.

  9. Oregon is beautiful...
    I too don't like mustard.
    And Amazing Race begins again Feb 15th... set that DVR!

  10. WE have # 12 and #24 in common! I always wonder who invented Breakfast foods- Yuck!
    It is fun to see the pictures of your family- Ty is really growing! Hope you are all doing well! We miss you!

  11. Andrea12:08 AM

    Sal, It's your cuz!!! I'm back and due with baby #3 in 6 weeks!!!! YEA! I miss you and loove seeing all of your pics and posts.
    Love ya!

  12. This was a fun read.

    1. I actually get so cold right at 9pm every night. So cold sheets make me shiver. Greg teases me a lot.

    2. I'm SO with you on mustard.

    3. Wow! Scrub toilets over dishwasher load. I'd rather do dishwasher load than mop or scrub toilets! Bleck.

    17. Paper supply store huh? Is it the pens, paper, or something else that draws you there.

    18. I'm the SAME way. When I get bored with one book, I switch.

    25. What in tarnation is Property Virgins? I've never heard of it.

    I'm also a lover of American Idol, Amazing Race, and The Office (when Dwight tried to set the office on fire a few weeks ago, it made Greg and I gaffaw with laughter!)

  13. It's not that Texas is more beautiful than other states, it's just bigger and better. :)

  14. I'll agree with you that Texas isn't as pretty as Utah. The thing for me is that Utah is so socially and diversally bland. San Antonio has this fantastic energy about it. Fiesta is coming soon...Crack a cascarone on someone's head for me!


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