Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three, Two, and One

Three Things I Had Forgotten:

Humidity makes bread go moldy faster than dry air.
(This is not my own personal bread, by the way)

When it rains in the Southwest, it pours. Can we say Microbursts?!
And the thunder and lightning is like nothing the West has ever seen.

It’s really satisfying to save money with coupons.
The stores here, (H.E.B., Randalls, CVS, Walgreens) make it really easy to coupon, and coupon well. With the automatic coupon doubling and tripling, and using the store specials/coupons in addition to the manufacturers’ specials/coupons, I’m getting so that many items I buy are free or very little. I’ve even made money on some! I get so excited to grocery shop now! And it’s helping me build up our food storage.

Click here to see my favorite money-saving site. Look especially in the Forums section to get tips on where the great deals are. I think you have to register to get to all the good stuff. It’s free.

Two Products I Love:

I don’t want to jinx myself, but ever since my mom introduced me to this, I’ve taken it at the first sign of getting sick, and it has stopped it in its tracks! Helpful hint: I’ve tried all the flavors and Lemon Lime is the least offensive. I’ve also found about a cup of water is just about the right amount to drop the tablet in. (Not too strong, but not too much, either) Walgreens has a good generic brand.

Kraft Easy Mac
These are much easier than making the whole box, and Ty loves them. Just 3 ½ minutes in the microwave, and presto! Lunch! We started with the individual cups, but the value pack with the pouches are just as easy and less expensive. In fact, I’m stocking up this week and getting them for just $1 for a box of 6.

One Thing I’m Noticing:

Texas is a Bit Behind Utah in some things.
Now, I know Texans would never agree with me on this, but there are some things that we’re behind on here. Like Redbox: Utah’s had that for ages, and we just got one in our neighborhood this week. Also, I haven’t seen any self-checkout registers at any stores, and they’re all over Utah.


  1. I love Airborne also. I didn't know you and Mom use it! If you can believe this, I actually like how it tastes and all the fizzzz.

  2. Ewww!!! I can only tolerate it because it keeps me from getting sick! I practically gag it down!

  3. I LOVE Texas rainstorms! I need you to teach me how to do this coupon thing. I've heard about people getting $150 worth of groceries for less than $20! And we just had to resign ourselves to storing our bread in the fridge, it dries the bread out, but at least it's not moldy!


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