Sunday, May 13, 2007

Maifest Fun

In an effort to discover and experience our new state, we went westward on Saturday, and landed in a town called Brenham, Texas. Brenham was settled by a bunch of Germans in the mid-1800's, and this weekend they were celebrating their 117th annual Maifest--the oldest spring German Festival in the South!!!! It was actually quite fun; they had a children's carnival, lots of leiderhosen and saurkraut, and fun little booths. Reminded me of many of the Oktoberfests in Oregon that I grew up attending.

(Sorry about the poor quality of these pics--we forgot the camera so we had to use the phone)

Ty rode on his first roller coaster and loved it!
He was really proud of himself for holding on so tight.

After the exciting coaster, we went for something more mellow with the bouncy castle.

From Brenham we went about 10 miles Northeast to St. Claire's Monestary. The nuns there breed and raise miniature horses. They are soooooo cute! (The horses, not the nuns) We saw many baby ones, even a day-old foal. This was the favorite part of the day for all of us. The little ones were about 18 inches tall, and were so gentle and curious. Tyler kept petting them and tickling them, and they would play back--it was really cool.

Because it is a monestary with a "cloistered, contemplative Order," it is only open for two hours each day and has self-guided tours. It was very interesting.

We finished the day by having dinner at a Biker Grill in the town of Novasota. My Reuben wasn't very good, but Brad's Texas Filled Spud was! A huge, huge potato stuffed with BBQ beef, cheese, bacon, butter and sour cream. Very filling! And very Texas. I guess I should save the German Reubens for the German festivals!


  1. What a fun day of exploring you had!

  2. HI! Thank you so much for saying hi and thus inviting me to see your blog! I had no idea you knew Emily. :) Great to see you guys are doing well in TX. I did talk to my brother, he called me in Japan for about 15 minutes, it was great! I felt so special to have my own little call. I'll continue to follow you guys, hope all is well!

  3. I don't actually know Emily; I just know--and really like--her blog.

  4. I've never been to TX but I'm guessing Houston and Dallas aren't that close... bummer because if it's possible to top her blog, Em is even cooler in person, and I'm sure the Ty and Henry would have a great time together. Cute horses!


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