Friday, October 20, 2006

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Ty's 2nd birthday this week and it was a lot of fun. He had a little party with his best friend/cousin Spencer.

Here they are on the froggy at the little playland.

My first attempt at cake decorating. Very amateurish, I know, but Ty loved it. He kept talking about his "Elmo Take."

His first trike. He can't quite ride it yet, but he sure loves to climb up and down on it.


  1. I love your Elmo cake, Sal. You did a great job! I'll bet Tyler LOVED it.

    Cute pictures!!!

  2. Wow. Look at them! Looks like his b-day was a lot of fun. ELMO, ahhh, what little kid doesn't like Elmo. He's even better on a cake!

  3. Suzanne Adams11:55 AM

    Hi Sal,

    What an awesome blog! This is fun. So glad you told me about it. Your pictures are great and your little boy is getting so big! I love the Elmo cake, too...that is amazing! Don't think I could do that. :)

    Love, Suz


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