Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Real Mom

So where’s his real mom? you ask me oh-so-sweetly.
Oh, do you mean his birth mom? I reply, matching your sugary tone.

Inside I cringe.

Where’s the one who
Dries his
Cleans his
Rocks him to sleep?
Comforts him when he’s sick?
Cries when he's in
Encourages him to go for it?
Makes his PBJ sandwich with no crusts?
Teaches him his ABC’s?
Changes his diapers?
Reads the same book over and over?
Laughs at his cute little jokes?
Loves him

Where is his real mom?

Lady, you’re looking right at her.


  1. People think my daughters are adopted (they aren't) because I'm fair skinned with fair hair and both my daughters have olive skin with dark brown hair. I hate how people ask leading questions about me, my kids and their father to see if I'm really their mother. Just because I don't look like them doesn't mean I'm not their mother. My biological sister has olive skin and dark brown hair and nobody thinks we are related. My adopted brother is fair skinned and fair haired like me and everyone thinks we are biological siblings. Maybe everyone should just keep their comments about a strangers children to themselves?

  2. I know, stacitee. Because our son looks like us, people will often say stuff like, " was meant to be...he looks just like you!" Like it wouldn't be meant to be if he looked different?

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I'm an adopted kid, and have had variation upon variation of that kind of conversation when I first tell my friends. I always immediately clarify that the mom who raised me is my REAL mother, nevermind who provided the DNA.
    I really don't know why its so hard for some people to grasp this simple concept!


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