Saturday, October 28, 2006


Two days ago, my friends. Two days! I made a little Carribbean rice dish with some onions in it. Okay...a whole yellow onion chopped up and a big bunch (is that what they're called?) of green onions (and cilantro, too. Yum). But it's been two whole days and I still reek. I knew it was a problem Thursday night when I went to a Relief Society meeting and my friend Becky, who was sitting by me, left early! (Well, maybe she had somewhere else to go, but I doubt it!) In the shower it smells like I'm shampooing with onion, and even now my keyboard is being infused with it because my fingertips are dripping with onionness. I know in the book Holes, onions are all great for you, but I've seriously got to rethink my onion policy if I'm planning to continue on living in civilization!

In other news, my new ebay digital camera is a bust! I should have known you can't get what you want when you pay only $40 for it! Dang.

We went to a ward Halloween party yesterday, and Ty was the cutest little clown there! But I'll have to wait until I get the pics back from the photo lab before I can post them. Bummer.

BYU beat Air Force today. Way to go Cougs!!


  1. Bummer about the camera...usually I LOVE ebay, but sometimes it's not so great...

    about the onions. I have a sister who hates to use onions because of the smell they leave on her hands. Her trick is to rub your hands on stainless steel (she uses her tongs)--I have tried it once or twice and I think it really works. You'll have to give it a try!

  2. I don't think I have ever had that problem with onions. Do you rinse it under water right after you peel it?
    That is supposed to help with your eyes burning, maybe it helps cut the transfer of onion stink.

  3. Yeah, I know fresh onions are tasty, but for many things a hand full of flakes out of the big cans of 'em they sell at Bishop's Storehouse works for me. Quick, easy, and doesn't get you stinky!


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