Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about Me

1. This is my first Thursday Thirteen and I'm so excited, I had to do it on Wednesday!

2. I have the greatest husband on the face of the earth. He is so patient and sensitive and selfless. We are best friends and full partners in everything. I am so blessed.

3. I am the mother of a very cute almost 2 year old, whom I adore like I've never adored a human being before. I worry about being able to love another child who comes into our family as much as I do Ty, but all parents of two or more say it's not a problem.

4. I am a former teacher--I taught at a Junior High for a few years before deciding to stay home with my boy. I miss the kids, but I don't miss the daily grind.

5. I am an advocate for adoption. So many people see it as a horrible thing that a birth mother could "give up" her child--I know that it's not. Our son's birthmom had nothing but love and a heart in the right place when she chose a better life for our son than she could give him. Of course it was terribly hard for her, but she did it anyway because of unselfish love for her child.

6. Politically, I am confused and disgusted right now--with both parties. I'm sick of politicians bashing each other rather than just doing something. I don't know who to believe, and I certainly can't trust the biased media! I am more prone to vote for someone I trust and believe is an honest individual than someone who is my particular party. (Which doesn't really matter to me because I tend to be towards the middle)

7. Music is very important to me, because it has such power to affect my emotions and make me think. I love listening to it, creating it, and dancing to it. I love singing with my son and seeing his budding love for all things musical.

8. I miss my home state of Oregon. I hope to settle there someday.

9. I have an almost unhealthy interest in college football, especially the BYU cougars!

10. I am a Mormon. Some people I've encountered have been taught (usually by their own preachers) that we are a cult, that we aren't Christians, that we are polygamists, and who knows what else. I don't know why they focus on us rather than their own teachings, but the fact is, all that is wrong. I don't consider myself any weirder than anyone else. Basically, I am a person just like anyone else that believes in Jesus Christ and I am trying my hardest to live a life that reflects my beliefs.

11. I wish people could just get along. Why can't we stop judging and calling people hypocrits and just allow others to think or believe differently than ourselves?

12. My weight is an issue in my life that won't go away. I'm tired of dealing with it right now.

13. My family is most important in my life.

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  1. Interesting list of facts about you! I'm adopted myself, so heartily agree with your comments on that subject!

  2. Woooooooohoooooooo!
    Congratulations and Welcome to the thirteeners..
    This was a great post! ^5
    I feel like I know a lot about you already..Well done.
    Mine is up too

  3. I am tired of dealing with my weight also... but I am also one of those that refuses to give up on anything!
    I just started a new blog called Workin' Out, to motivate women witheh struggles to loose weight, work out, get healthy... check it out adn join if you would like!
    ~ Lindsay

  4. Congratulations on your first TT! It was a great one!

    Weight issues have been a struggle for me for a long time, too, but I joined Weight Watchers on Jan. 1 and so far I've lost 43 pounds -- maybe it would be the thing that works for you. If you have any questions about it, feel free to e-mail me. :)

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  5. Welcome! It is extremely addictive!

    Happy TT! Mine is up.

  6. This was a very good 13 list! You did great for the first time. Welcome to the TT gang!

    Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Well welcome to TT! Nice to meet you! Good you started on Wed. It will take day's to get through the list. It gets long!

    Happy TT!

  8. Congrats on your first 13! I just did my first one, too! I look forward to learning a lot more about you in the weeks to come.

  9. Congrats on your first TT! I'm LDS too!!!

  10. welcome to the neighborhood.
    hope you will pop by an visit a middle aged tt-er like me.

  11. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. :) As an adoptee myself, I totally agree with your comments on the issue. My birth mother wanted a better life for me than she could give. Thanks for introducing yourself. :)

  12. Congrats on your first list. It's great you were so honest.

    Mine is up.

  13. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! :) Great list. :D Happy Thursday! :D

  14. Awwww....#1 was so sweet! Welcome to Thursday 13! My list is up!

  15. Welcome to Thursday 13! It is so much fun!

    I am with you on 6.

  16. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I'm blessed with a husband like yours...and as for the weight issue...i get tired of dealing with it to...on and off, 15 years! Welcome to TT

  17. Welcome to the TT
    Thanks for stopping by my TT

  18. Great list! Welcome to the TT.

  19. Great list! I was reading one of your entries about weight and I wanted to tell you about I needed to lose some weight and I lost 10 lbs very fast through them. It's free and actually fun to you. You can enter in what you eat and it'll keep track how many calories, fat, blah, blah.... for you. It helped me and my friends so much. I know what you mean about the weight thing. Once I got it off, I felt better. Don't beat yourself up though. :( A lot of it is in the genes. Some have it easy and some don't.

  20. hi... it's my first time too...

  21. Good to find out a little about you and your life.

    My TT is up.

  22. Welcome to T13, Sally! I'm a fellow relative newbie (only started a couple weeks ago). It's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by mine.

    Happy weekend!

  23. Welcome to TT - I've only done 3 TTs but have learnt alot about people. Your list is great

  24. Welcome to the TTer's, girl! I'm a new blogger myself; I've only had mine 5 weeks now but I've met some wonderful people here! I think you'll love it. Drop by my blog whenever you're in the neighborbood!


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