Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Today was really fun--my parents, along with my brother's and sister's families went to Seven Peaks Waterpark. I had never been there, even though I lived in Provo for how long as a college student? I guess it's the swimming suit thing--I never wanted to go there on a date in college, how horrifying would that be?! Now that I'm thirty and married I'm not any more comfortable in a swimming suit, but I guess I don't care as much. It's more important to have fun with my family.

I was proud of little Ty. He stayed in good spirits for the whole day...and we managed to keep sunscreen on his fair skin!

On Saturday our whole family was together to see little Carter get sealed to Scott and Mikell. It's already been over a year since Ty was sealed to us. What a neat occasion. It was neat to be together and Scott and Mikell hired a photographer so we were able to get some good pics, hopefully. I brought my SLR Nikon and took pictures while the others were being professionally photographed. I'm excited to see how they turned out.

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