Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life as a Cougar Fan

I have been so excited for football season. Excited and scared at the same time. Scared because I've been burned before. As much as I love my cougars, as blue as my blood runs, they can turn on me at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I feel like being a cougar fan is like asking for abuse: I know they'll hurt me, but I keep coming back for a beating.

The wallpaper on my computer is a BYU Football poster that says "Tradition, Spirit, Honor." After Saturday's game, I think it should say "Tradition, Spirit, Penalties." Why, why, why? Why is it always the same story? Arizona did not beat us in that game--we beat ourselves.

Sometimes I wish my affections were not so strong. I grew up an Oregon Duck fan--I still am, really. They're second in my heart. It's pretty easy to be a duck fan. They can give you a scare sometimes, but you know they'll come out okay. Being a Cougar fan takes loyalty and heart. I know they're going to put me through the ringer, but you can bet I'll be dressed in my Blues and Whites come this Saturday.

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