Sunday, October 05, 2008

General Conference

What a great weekend this was, and not just because I got a break from Primary!

There were some excellent, poignant talks this conference weren't there? I loved several, but my favorite had to be Elder Holland. He is such a powerful speaker, and says things so succinctly. He spoke of angels, in both immortal and mortal form.

What a great thing to be reminded of, that angels are round about us. The Heavens do care about our journey here. I like to think of angels (perhaps including loved ones) ministering to us in our struggles, in our tough times, and in our everyday lives. I know there have been times in my life when I have definitely felt angels around me.

Elder Holland told us to take heart, be filled with faith, and remember our covenants. As we do this, Heavenly Father has promised that He will fight our battles for us. Who else better?

What did you like about Conference?


  1. I love President Monson's talk this morning telling us to enjoy the journey. He was SO speaking to ME.

  2. I love Elder Holland!! He's so great. But since his talk was already taken, I would have to say my next favorite was Elder Eyring. He inspires me every time I hear him speak. He speaks from the heart and always has timely counsel.

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I thought it was a conference full of hope in difficult times. The speakers full my well and helped me recommit to try much harder to live the commandments.
    Love, Grandma Forsgren

  4. Okay so I am so glad that everyone is saying how much they LOVED conference. Matt and I were so confused and dissapointed that most of the people we have talked to about it said conference was just "okay" this year! How sad. I thought all of it was great and gave so much hope. How can that be classified as just "okay"? Loved the post Sally!

  5. I loved Eyrings talk on unity! We need to give this one again at FHE. I also liked Monson's talks. I love Elder Holland. We met him a few years back when Greg was called as the Stake Exec Secretary. Such a wonderful man!

  6. Nice post Sally! I too loved every minute of Conference. I was in Eugene this weekend and Pete was in Bend and during Pres. Monson's talk on enjoying the journey and how we will miss these times when our children are young, Pete called and told me this was for me! I said "whatever, I totally LOVE fingerprints and scattered toys everywhere!" Then I reminded him that Pres. Monson was probably trying to remind all the fathers to help out more in the home so the mothers wouldn't feel overwhelmed at the messes. Leave it to me to twist up a perfectly beautiful message to my benefit!

  7. Donn and I actually got to go to the last session of conference. It was neat to feel the spirit that Pres Monson brought into the room when he walked in.

  8. Each Conference I think it can't be topped. But it is. Year after year. Amazing!

  9. I loved conference, too. I loved Elder Holland's talk and Elder Eyrings as well. My favorite new phrase was from Sis. Dalton, "ever-texting." Let's just say we could relate to this in our home :)


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