Saturday, October 18, 2008

Focusing on the Positive

OK. So our Dallas trip wasn't as joyful as we had hoped. So our mighty Cougars didn't even show up to play. So it was embarrassing to sit among the TCU fans (who really were very nice) trying to explain to them why we were ranked 8th in the country. So we're out of the running for a BCS bowl. So that's millions of dollars to the school that we won't get.
There were some positives:

Ty got to meet Cosmo face to face. We named our car after Cosmo, so this is a big deal for him.

Ty got to meet our other favorite Ty! He was so nice, even when we came back to get another picture since the first one on Brad's phone (we forgot our camera) didn't get saved. Here's our Ty saying how old he was when Ty Detmer asked him.

I'm just glad we got the pictures before TCU broke the longest winning streak in the nation. There weren't as many smiles after the game.

p.s. Isn't it so great that the last time the Cougars lost (16 games ago), we were there to see it in Tulsa? I'm thinking we're jinxed. Maybe the next time they come to our area of the country we should pass.


  1. But Hey you got to spend time as a family, and... got a weekend away. I'm glad there were some positives.

  2. Jinxed huh? Maybe you guys could make a trip up here to go to the utah/byu game. :)

  3. how fun! Even though we lost. That's cool that you got to meet Ty! He went to my sacrament meeting once.
    I wanted to go to the game here so bad, but having a 3 day old baby made that difficult.

  4. Too funny. Glen kept checking the score online. Bummer!!!

  5. Sorry about the Cougs. Luckily I wasn't around the night Hank found out about that one

    Cute picture of Ty Ty (get it?)

  6. You were AT that game? Ugh. I'm scared to see the rankings tomorrow.

  7. It's ALL your fault!!

  8. Way to put a good spin on it!


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