Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fat Chance

Gas has finally fallen below $3/gallon, and we're back to where we were about a year ago!

Do you think the price of food and all the other things that went up due to "gas prices" will go back down, too?

And do you think that by Christmas, when we head to Oregon on United Airlines, they'll stop charging us $15 for the first checked bag, and $50 for the second?

I didn't think so either.


  1. I am happy about the falling gas prices, ($3.25 at Costco here) but I also doubt other prices will fall. We aren't traveling anywhere for the holidays - but that's mostly because of my husband's schedule.

  2. I know. We saw that same price on the way home today. Glen pointed it out but I've gotten so tired of gasping every time the price went up that I didn't really notice what it said until he said the words "below $3." I had to do a double take. That's right. I'd forgotten about the extra charge for bags. Is that all airlines? We're going to Virginia in March. 6 people, gotta take the car seats ... that's a whole lotta checked luggage. Yikes! See you at church.

  3. I hope they DO change the baggage rule. I for one think it's ridiculous to charge for the first bag at least.

    And yeah for gas prices. Odd that the economy has to go in the toilet at the same time. But, I'll take the cheaper price if it lets me carpool around my kids a little easier.

  4. I have never heard of charging for baggage just to charge for it. That is LAME! I hope they change it for you. Think of what you could do with 65.00 extra bucks! Come and take me to dinner maybe??

  5. Isn't it exciting? I just about jumped out of my seat when we were driving home from Corpus Christi and saw gas for $2.79. I felt a little stupid because I had just stopped at a Shell and paid $3.33 just because it was the only one on my way home!

  6. Gas is still above $3/gallon here. And prices of food just keep going up...
    Charging for bags on the airlines makes me SO MAD.

  7. I wish gas was under $3/gallon here. But not yet... still waiting.

  8. Well, gas today was down to $2.50 at Costco! And believe it or not, milk there was down to $2.79!

    Maybe grocery prices will follow gas prices, after all!


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