Monday, June 18, 2007

Current Favorites

Three Things Tyler Loves:

We checked out a CD at the library called Wee Sing America. Ty loves it! He asks to listen to it probably 20 times a day. (or more! I'm not kidding) We march around to John Philip Souza songs and "You're a Grand Old Flag" for a large portion of our day. Anything with the American or Texan flag are favorites right now. (The golf club in the picture is his staff that he lifts up and down as he marches) Don't worry about me, trying to go throughout my day with songs about the civil war, goober peas, and picking cotton stuck in my brain!

Slippery Soap!!!
He is obsessed with bar soap, aka Slippery Soap. He wants to take extra baths just to play with it. The other day the last sliver of his first slippery soap bar disappeared down the drain, and he started crying inconsolably--in the bath, as he was getting dressed, even again at bedtime. Finally I got a new bar for him to sleep with and all was right with the world again.

Paper Clips!!!
So many fun things can be done with paper clips! He uses them on his train, in his hair, in Mommy's hair, with his stuffed animals, to push food around, to play the piano, and so much more!


  1. Oh my Gosh! That is so cute. TyTy lost his dear friend in that bar of slippery soap. I'm glad he has such a nice Mommy to give him a new one.
    Awesome paper clip picture. LOVE IT!! I like paper clips, too. Maybe not as much as Ty, but pretty close.
    And he HAS to march, he's related to Grandma Lake!!!

  2. Andrea11:56 PM

    I LOVED the marching pic. Todd said, "Doesn't Spencer have those pj's too?" Yes, I bet Grandma Lake would be very proud of her Ty Ty.

  3. What a sweet boy, thanks for sharing! That is truly darling about the soap. And way to go Brad for being strong in the face of confrontation! Despite the smack talk and confidentiality and whatever... the truth will set you free!

  4. Okay, the slippery soap made me laugh. What a cute little guy you have!

  5. lol! the soap is hilarious...


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