Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Amusement

Ty and I have tagged along on both of Brad's business trips to San Antonio so far. (I'd much rather be sunning at the hotel pool and meeting Brad in between appointments for lunch than being home alone overnight with just me and a 2 year old that misses his daddy.) It's also a chance to explore the city that we will hopefully be calling home for at least a few years. This week we stayed an extra night using a gift certificate we had.

On Saturday we found Texas' oldest Kiddie Park. You could definitely tell it was the oldest! But it was fun, and cheap, and Ty really liked riding the unlimited rides.

The school bus was his first ride. He saw it and ran to it. He loves school busses anywhere! This one actually went really fast and it kept bumping his head against the foam there, but he loved it and rode it twice more!

Next was the 1918 hand-carved, hand painted carousel. Too bad people had broken off most of the horses' tails and some of their legs. This type of carousel is one of less than 100 left in existance.

This was the helicopter ride. You can tell that this is the first time around because Brad is still smiling. Ty kept wanting to go on this one, so Brad went with him, but by the fourth or fifth time, he was a teensy bit queasy.

Ty's still lovin' it, but Brad's a little less excited to be on a flying saucer!

After a fun-filled day of airplanes and rafts, trains and busses, helicopters and carousels, Ty dozed off on the trip home. And that was nice for Mommy and Daddy!


  1. I love that 4th picture of Ty and Brad where Ty has his cute little eyebrows up. So adorable. He looks like he's having the time of his life.

  2. Ty is cute enough to eat in the SleepingInTheCarSeat picture -- love it! Sally, if you were here, we'd hang out. The first little at least six months, in a new place are lonely. It gets better, I promise. Give it a year before you start judging. I know, it seems long, but it just takes a while...that's my two cents, anyway. Hearts to you.

  3. Andrea10:41 PM

    I miss you and Ty!!!! (And Brad) Let's meet and do that thing soon!!!!


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