Monday, November 27, 2006

A Prayer

I was sitting at my computer, doing my eBay, and Ty was playing on the bed. All of a sudden I hear:

Heavy Father... so much... Mommy... Daddy... grateful... Pez Hinckey... Daddy work... Jee Christ... Amen.

Is that sweet or what? This is the first time I've heard him say a prayer by himself--Brad or I have always helped him. Of course, I gave him so much praise that after that he kept saying, "again! again!" He must have said five more exactly like it. By this time, it's getting a little old, but I don't want to say "no more prayers," so I just said "one more time," and after that he said, "All done!"


  1. That's so cute! We can't even get Morgan to sit still for prayers. It's ridiculous. Sometimes she will pray with our help, but it is very rare. Give me some tips on how to get my kid to sit still!!!!

  2. So cute. My hubby and I teach the 3 year olds in nursery. Some Sundays we have 5 opening prayers. They love to do it by themselves.

  3. That is so darn cute! Thanks for sharing that! What a sweet little boy you have!


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