Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ho Hum...

Kinda weird...this has been a busy week, so much so that I haven't really blogged, but not the type of busy that is really interesting--just boring busy. So I'll just touch on the highlights.

1. Voting
This was the first time Utah used electronic voting machines. Except for a big debacle in Utah County (what's new?), they worked well, and were pretty easy to use. Even all the old ladies in my ward said they liked it!

2. Orange Jello

I had an opportunity to volunteer at the Deseret Dairy on Wednesday. For four hours we packaged and weighed and inspected packets of orange jello. I don't know how people do it that have a full-time job on an assembly line. That is the most monotonous thing I've ever done! I'm glad I was able to go, though. It was very interesting seeing Welfare Square. Neat place!

3. Music Orientation

This was my first time orienting anyone to a calling. We finally got music people for Relief Society and I got to meet with them and get them excited about the importance of music. Kinda cool.

4. BYU vs. Wyoming

I was excited to see this game--Wyoming was supposedly the second best in the Mountain West. Umm...either they weren't playing too well, or we're a LOT better than I thought. At 55-7 it wasn't much of a contest. It is so fun to see the team so confident and efficient. What a great season!

5. ebay

This has taken up most of my alloted "blogging time" this week. My Mom and Dad recently received as a gift some items that they didn't really need (supplements, hair stuff, etc) so they passed them on to us, almost as a joke. We didn't really need them, either. So I thought: I wonder if these would sell on ebay? Umm...yeah. I've listed 16 items, eight are still up for auction, and we've made almost $300 so far!!! Who knew that people would pay $43 plus shipping for eight bars of soap!!!!!


  1. are you serious about the bars of soap...Wow! That must be some killer soap. What kind is it?

    I LOVE Ebay!

  2. Susan2:44 PM

    You go ebay girl!! That's awesome.
    GO COUGS!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe BYU will play U of O at the Las Vegas bowl...who would you root for??


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