Saturday, November 25, 2006

Good Times!

Oh I just about lost my lunch over today's Rivalry Game between BYU and Utah! Talk about a nailbiter--I couldn't take it. I had to leave and go pick up some Cafe Rio in the middle of the madness. Of course I listened to the radio in the car, so I didn't really get away from it that much. It came down to one play with 3.2 seconds left, BYU down by four, just inside the ten yard line. AUGHHHH!!!! The play lasted FOREVER, but just as John Beck was getting tackled, he found his pal Johnny Harline on the other side of the endzone, threw across his body and just barely connected. BYU by 2!!!Finally after four years, they did it! Just barely, but they did! You gotta give props to the Utah team--they showed up to play! And the crowd just about killed us they were sooooo loud! Those Utes sure do hate us!

Now I worry about the Las Vegas bowl. Chances are likely right now that BYU could play Oregon. That is my worst football nightmare! I hate it when my two favorite teams play each other. I don't want to see either of them lose their bowl game. But there's no question that my loyalties have to be with BYU on this one. I know these boys. They've been through some hard times the last few years, and this has been a magical season, and for so many of them, it's their last.

Thanksgiving was great fun this year. We were at my parent's house and we just had a fun time. The kids went swimming, we played pool and dominoes, told stories, just talked, and ate some really good food. Everything tasted so good this year! It was also nice having Great-Grandma with us from the Boise area.

This is during a game of chickenfoot.

TyTy and Maddy became best cousin buds.

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