Wednesday, September 10, 2008


See that projected path? The center of it is Corpus Christi, where Brad had appointments scheduled for tomorrow. Thankfully, Corpus is in full Evacuation-mode, so we do not have to go down there!

But do you see that first red hurricane symbol after it hits land? That is over San Antonio, where we live! We're not supposed to get hurricanes here, we're 140 miles inland! But it's a possibility. Also very possible, and some even say likely, are tornados. And power failure. And flooding.

So, today, instead of traveling to Corpus, we are taking out our dusty 72 hour kit to do a few updates. Ty is no longer a size 3-6months. We live in Texas now, not Utah, so we probably don't need the heavy warm clothes we had in there before.

We're filling up our gas tanks. We're getting some cash in low denominations. We're storing our BBQ and patio furniture. Copying all our important documents. Gathering our flashlights and batteries. Getting lots of water.

I was at the church last night, and the Ward and Stake are preparing, as well. It's comforting to know we have a church family.

Anything I'm forgetting?

*Update: As of Thursday morning, the storm seems to be inching further east, so hopefully we won't be in the direct path anymore.


  1. Wow! Scary! I hope that the hurricane weakens to a minor storm by the time it gets close to you! It's good you're getting prepared. Hopefully you won't need any of that emergency stuff but its a comfort to know that you have it if you need it. I'm glad you guys have a good church family down there. Good luck! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Are you so excited? I know how you LOVE big storms. Sounds to me like you know what your doing with all the preparations. I don't think I'd know where to begin. We'll be watching the news and praying that you guys are safe.

  3. Oh how scary...I hope you guys are all okay!

  4. OH MY GOSH Sally. How freaky. But sorta exciting, in a weird sort of way. My sister would totally envy you right now. She could easily be one of those storm chasers and live a happy life. Great job on the emergency prep stuff. You'll be fine!! Let us know how it all plays out.

  5. I bet you will have some stories to tell after this! Good luck.

  6. Anonymous10:22 PM

    We send our prayers your way.
    I am so glad you are prepared, so you shall not fear.
    Love, Mom Forsgren

  7. Just think, you were highly motivated to do all that updating, so count that a win.

    I'm glad you are safe. It is heartbreaking to see the destruction that was done.


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