Sunday, September 07, 2008

Budding Photographer

What to do when, because of last minute scheduling conflicts, you end up bringing your 3 year old to a weeknight meeting with a Bishopbric member?

Well, after a measely pen/paper combo doesn’t excite, give the boy your camera and pray he doesn’t break it!

The result: Life through the lens of a 3 year old:


  1. Hilarious!

    I've missed your posts! Where have you been?☺

  2. That is SO awesome!! And you are very brave for letting him loose with your camera. My 3 year old would have my camera taken apart into 1,000 little pieces in nothing flat.

  3. Looks like a church building!

    Love your collage. What a perfect way to document his photos.

  4. How fun. I'm glad he didn't break it. I would have been too nervous.

  5. I noticed that you have Ty's favorite songs on your playlist and the first one is Sugarland's "All I want to do". My Timothy - who is 4- LOVES that song! Every time it comes on the radio he declares, "Mommy it's my favorite song!"

  6. There are some very flattery shots there. Definatley an artists eye for detail. The self portraits are the best though!


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