Saturday, September 13, 2008

All is Calm

Updated 72-hour kit: check
Flashlights and batteries: check
More water than we would ever need: check
Non-perishable food: check
Outside items stored in garage: check
Ty's school cancelled: check
Brad's appointments cancelled: check
Storm:..........? Storm:................? Storm:.......................?
200 miles to the east.

San Antonio is such a weather vacuum!!! We got nothing!!! We never get anything!! Just sunshine and a 95 degree day ahead of us. Nothing!!

(I'm sure our Houston friends who are without power would trade with me in a heartbeat, so I'm trying not to be too disappointed that we got left out.)


  1. I was thinking about you guys this morning while I watched the news. I'm glad you're safe!

  2. Have a happy, sunny, storm-free weekend! (and drink LOTS of water)

  3. Ha, Susan's comment made me laugh! I'm with you Sal, I love extremem weather too. There just something exciting about it! I'm am so glad to know you're all safe and sound though.

  4. Way to be prepared! Glad that all is sunny and bright.

  5. yeah, I can't say I feel sorry for you. i totally wish it had come your way!

  6. Wow! That's so great! Hurricanes scare me...and oddly earthquakes don't.

    Glad you are all safe!


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