Sunday, April 27, 2008

If You Can't Beat the Heat...

...Embrace it!
We're spending an increasing number of afternoons in our backyard with the little pool and a big sprinkler ball. We all love it!

In other news...
We had a great trip to Utah, we just didn't take many pictures! Here's one with all but two of the Grandkids on Brad's side.


  1. What a nice big back yard you have! Looks like lots of fun. We get a nice day here and there, but we're definitely not swimming in the backyard yet.
    How fun for Ty to be around his cousins. I bet he LOVED that.

  2. I agree! Cool backyard!
    Enjoy your wonderful weather... we're still waiting for ours.

  3. Looks like fun!!!

  4. I love summer time! What a groovy green splash pool! Brad looks like he's really enjoying it : ) Oh, and Tyler too!

  5. I'm envious of your big back yard too! And I'm envious of your warm pool worthy weather! We have snow in our forcast for tomorrow!!! It's just sick and wrong. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.


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