Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goin' Back to Utah

We leave tomorrow for a little trip to Utah. I can't believe it's been just shy of a year since we've been there! In many ways it seems like yesterday that we packed up our huge U-Haul Truck, towing our car (which ended up costing us about five hundred extra dollars at the end of the road because we tried to back the car off the trailer without fully unhitching it, thus bending the frame underneath) and stayed that first memorable night on the road in Monticello, UT.

We spent six interesting and HOT months in Houston, and have finally found a home and ward and community that we love here in San Antonio.

But we're excited to go back to see family; to make fun of the FOX13 news team; back to CougarTown; and most importantly, to see the MOUNTAINS! (Seriously, Texas, you think you have hills here, but you have no idea!)

Apparently it snowed again today, so hopefully we'll get to feel cold again (we haven't had cold weather since January...and let's be honest: it really wasn't even that cold)!

Hopefully I'll come back with some good blogging material. I've been brain dead the last couple of weeks when it comes to blogging!


  1. hopefully! :)

    You really crack me up Sal. Too bad you haven't been over to see our "landscaping" yet (although I wouldn't put it past you to have done a drive by)...sadly two flowers did not survive the transplant and will be replaced before you return. I'm trying not to cry about it (I really take it personally)...good thing Lowe's will "guarentee" flowers for a year (how can they do that?)

    can't wait to hear about the Utah trip!

  2. Be safe and have fun!!

  3. (sorry... i'm logged in under my daughter's account... duh!)

    - Rachel

  4. Wow big change. Hope your move goes well and look forward to having you back in the blog world.

  5. Have fun! I haven't been back to Utah, for more than 12 hours, since 2005. That's a LONG time!

    Enjoy the cold weather, I hope you get to see some snow.

  6. Wait...you're moving?? j/k, I guess Meg didn't read your first line.
    Have a great time. Say HI to Steve and Jared and families for us. We just saw Jared for a couple hours on Saturday...Scott flew him out to go see Big Head Todd in Portland.
    It's so nice that you're able to be there for T.J.

  7. Have fun!!! I look forward to hearing about your trip! That tulip photo is really pretty by the way!!

  8. Have a great trip to Utah! I am so happy that you love San Antonio so much. It's awesome to have a great place to call home:0) I miss you though Sal.

  9. Sally~

    I forgive you for fast forwarding through Brooke. But you really should at least listen to her 2nd song this week. It was lovely.

    And I completely agree on Paula...she seemed SO confused. I wonder what was up with that. When she talked about Jason's 2nd song, I wasn't sure if I missed it or what.


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