Sunday, April 06, 2008

Final Four

On Friday Brad took part of the day off so we could enjoy some of the Final Four festivities downtown. First we went to the Alamodome and watched the shoot-arounds for Memphis and North Carolina. Since the actual tickets to a game were way too expensive, we were excited that these practices were free.

While there, they annonced a seat in the audience that had won tickets to the championship game. We looked on the screen, and there we were on the jumbo-tron. They announced seat 18, and that was Brad's seat! We were screaming and yelling, Brad saying, "We won! We won!" Until the official-looking guy with the Final Four badge looked a little sad for us as he gave the free tickets to the lady one row up! Ughhh...we really thought for a few seconds that we were so lucky! Oh well. Who needs tickets to a stupid championship game when we can watch it for family night on our awesome 19 inch TV?!? We had a lot of other fun:

Ty was a happy boy, even though it wasn't the most exciting basketball action. Spencer and Sara and their clan joined us for the All Star game, which turned out to be the Not-So-Allstar game. We decided to leave at half-time to check out the "Block Party", or street festival they had going on.

Best Buds

Spencer rockin' out on the Karaoke machine. Watch out David Archuleta!

When we were a bit tired, we just sat for a good 20 minutes and let the kids chase the pigeons. Ty really thought he'd be able to catch one!

Enjoying the beautiful day on a bridge over the Riverwalk.


  1. We've had all the games on here, too, and I seriously just last night wondered if you guys were attending a game there!
    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. How funny. We laughed about you seeing yourselves on the jumbotron, thinking you'd won. Wish it could have been you. You deserve it!
    What a cute picture of Ty and Addy on the steps.

  3. Greg and my boys would have loved to be there! Lucky bugs!

  4. Andrea1:41 AM

    That is so fun for you guys to all be there together!!!! It looks like so much fun. Tell the Lake's that we say, "hello" and give Ty Ty a squeeze from cousin, Spencer and Cousin Andrea and Ellie. We miss you guys. I bet they missed us too up at the McDonough potato bar/dessert bar/everything get-together. Todd loved going to that thing. He thought that all of the food was so incredible. It always was! Love ya cuz!

  5. Your stories always make me laugh! I can just see you guys on the Jumbo screen, jumping up and down screaming, thinking that you won! They should have given you tickets anyway for your enthusiasm. I bet the lady that won wasn't half as excited as you guys were : )

  6. That totally cracks me up that you were cheering for all to see on the jumbo-tron, and then DENIED! I'm glad you were able to do some other fun things to get your mind off of your disappointment:0) Ty is so that a cousin with him on the stairs? I'm thinking it is Spencer's daughter. I remember when Kari was totally in love with him:0)HA!HA!

  7. I still can't stand hearing the story of you thinking you won...I so wished you would've. Such a blast to even feel a part of!


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