Thursday, March 27, 2008


We've lived here for five months now, I figured it was time to do something about our empty walls. We've still got more than our share of bare spots, but at least this helped a little.

I like to do art that means something personally to me, so I end up with a lot of photographs. These are ones that my dad and I took on the Oregon coast. I turned them to sepia on my photo software, then uploaded them to, where I picked them up less than an hour later!

I know the wall quotes are a bit cheesy, and a lot of people do them, but hey--this is my home and I should put things in it that I like, right? I've always been a quote lover and collecter, so these fit me well. The top two I got at a site called Wall Chatter, but there are lots of sites out there. The bottom one I found at Target! It's by a Provo company called DCWV Home.


  1. Sal-
    I love it. All of it. I love the pictures you and Dad took at the coast. I love the quotes. Did you make them and put them up? They look great!!

  2. Beautiful -- and I love the wall quotes. You should get to do whatever you want in your own home!

  3. LOVE EVERYTHING! I've always wanted to put wall quotes up in my house but never get around to ordering them. Kim has some in her house and I love them. I love the photo arrangements and the Oregon coast shots in sepia...beautiful! I like your beadspread/pillow too. You've got great taste!

  4. Wonderful quote choices. I love sepia photographs. Great job on the decor!

  5. Sally~

    Thanks for sharing your stories! They totally make me feel better! The story about your mom was SO funny. And poor you with the guy...he wasn't meant for you anyway!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quotes...I've only seen them once before and I didn't know they were readily available--and I don't think they're cheesy at all!

  7. Those decorations are fabulous! Someday I'll have my own home where I can do stuff like that.

  8. Andrea7:14 PM

    I LOVE the sepia pictures that you had. Is one of them of Tyler at the ocean? I also love the wall decor. My favorite is the one that says Forever with all of you guys. Everytime I look at my Willowtree figurine like that I think of you guys!!! Talk to you soon!


  9. Love the wall quotes! I've seen the ones at Target and have been tempted a few times...
    Your home is beautiful!

  10. I love that you're making your home the way you want it. I like to do the same. Matts Mom even went as far to say that our home was "unique"(code word for I don't like it much:0) in her Christmas letter to the world one year. Like I don't know what that means Mom!

  11. Andrea4:51 PM

    They look great. I prefer getting custom quotes according to color and font for my home. I ordered from a site They have lots of quotes and colors to choose from.


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