Friday, December 14, 2007

Dreame Weaver

I've been dreaming a lot lately. Most of my dreams are good, like last night when I dreamt I was a journalist and visited Nie Nie's house, to see if she's as perfect as she seems on her blog. In my dream she was, although Mr. Nielson was a tiny bit conceited.

But sometimes my dreams aren't as nice. I have several recurring dreams that always fool me into panicking, even though I KNOW they aren't real! The top three are:

1. Teeth Falling Out. I know this is a common one, and dream analyzers say that it means you feel like you're out of control. Hmmm. Consciously I don't feel that way, but do tend to be a bit of a control freak, so it's not way surprising.

2. Failing Math Class. This is always at BYU, and I find out at the end of the semester that I have this math class that I thought I had dropped. Now I only have two days to make everything up, and I know it's impossible! I always freak out because I know Dad will flip if I get an F. This is probably recurring because I tend to be a procrastinator in real life.

3. Snakes. This is a fairly new one, since we moved to Texas. It's based on reality. When we were in Houston, Brad was mowing the lawn and I heard this extrememly loud, almost girly (sorry, hun, but it's true) scream. I happened to be right by the window and looked out to see a snake slither away under the fence. YIKES! Now I dream about snakes all over in the house, on the driveway, etc. I think it just represents my total hatred for all things slimy and buggy and germ-infested.

What are your recurring dreams?


  1. it's not a dream, but i have this fear that there will be a snake in my toilet.

  2. When I was pregnant I kept having a dream that I delivered my baby early and at home. Realizing that I wouldn't be able to put the baby back in me I'd rush to the hospital. As I traveled to the hospital I looked down at the baby which had turned into a miniature dachsund, like my childhood dog Gretal, and I was so worried that the nurses and doctors would think it was really wierd. However, the nurses were always really nice and treated my miniature dachsund baby just like any other baby. How WEIRD is that!!!

    I've also had many teeth dreams where they either fall out or crumble into dust. I've even had dreams where I've had sand in my mouth and it feels so real! It's terrible!

  3. I too have dreams where my teeth fall out. I didn't know that meant I was feeling like I was losing control, pretty funny. I also have dreams I am back in school, (but I still have kids) and I forget that I have a class or a test etc, but then I remember I already graduated. Or I am back in school I forget to wear an important article of clothing. Crazy huh?!!!

    PS is that nettie from our BYU freshman ward? If so she was also in my ward in TX for a while.

  4. I've never had the 'teeth falling out' dream, but definitely the 'flunking a class because I completely forgot about it all semester' dream. In fact, that one seems so real that even as I sit here I'm wondering if it maybe happened. But Dad is never in my flunking a class dream. I guess I was never worried about that part. I also have the 'oops, I forgot to wear clothes' dream. What EVER. I always think maybe nobody will notice. Yeah, good one.

  5. I used to have the teeth falling out dream ALL THE TIME. It would freak me right the heck out, every single time, too. Eeeeeek.

    And that failing math thing? I would dream that it was almost high school graduation, but they called me in and told me I was four classes short and wouldn't graduate. That freaked me out too. I wonder what that one means.


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