Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Most Important Decision

Ty, hanging from the Texas Longhorn

Being new to Texas, I've been trying to decide who my local college team will be. (No worries, BYU is still #1 in my heart) We visited College Station, aka Aggietown, and I really loved the Texas A&M campus. It was really pretty, and had so much life around and on it, even in the middle of the summer. It just seemed like a college I would want to attend, and a town I would like living in.

Last week we visited the University of Texas campus in Austin. It is pretty, too, but it is so HUGE, and Austin's traffic is SO BAD! I thought BYU's campus was large--nothing in comparison! In fact, I felt a little overwhelmed. I just liked the feel of A&M better.

So it looks like we're going to be a split family. Not that I want to see Texas lose, but I think I'll take more interest in the Aggies, while Brad will be a Texas fan. He works in Austin a lot, so he feels like he should root for them. We decided to raise Ty in a non-hostile environment and let him choose which team to root for when he reaches the age of accountablility, much like children who are raised with two different religions. (That last sentence was a joke, by the way. Sometimes I crack myself up!)

The Longhorns are too big and popular for me. Most people seem to like them more, because they won the big Championship in 2005. That's another reason why I'm rooting for the Aggies. I like underdogs. Plus, Burnt Orange just isn't cutting it!


  1. I already know who Ty will choose to root for...weren't his first words "GO DUCKS" ???!!!???

  2. I can tell you have really thought through this! So long as you still bleed blue (and mabye a little yellow & green) I'll support your decision.

  3. Fun! David always goes for the underdog as well. I love new experiences and places

  4. Love it. You cracked me up too.

    As long as BYU remains number one in your heart, you can cheer on anyone else you want. Texas A&M huh? Yeah, I still hold a grudge for Ty Detmer against them. Glad we severely kicked their butts later.

  5. nettie3:18 PM

    although I usually hope that both teams lose, I do tend to pull for a&m more often than UT...I guess because they are the underdogs...

    but truthfully they are both annoying (the fans anyway). Cougar fans are so much better!


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