Monday, August 20, 2007


Here's a shameful little secret: I'm bummed that Hurricane Dean has turned away from us and is not forecasted to come our way.

How sick is it that I like Disasters?

It's not like I love seeing people losing their lives and their homes. Watching the drama of Katrina--all those people begging for help at the superdome--was horrific, and yet it was really intriguing, too. I got so angry at the Federal Government for not getting there soon enough, and I was proud of the local agencies and our church members for doing their part and volunteering.

Times like that show the best and worst of human nature. Everything is raw and real. I think that's what I like about it. Of course, I haven't had to live with the fallout, and that's why I feel so guilty. I really don't wish anyone harm, but if it happens, I'm glued to the TV to see it.

Disasters unify people. People forget about being "red" or "blue" and just help each other out. There's a common cause. Usually people do whatever they can. There's a nice benefit concert. It gives people something to talk about.

Of course, it has always happened to someone else--someone I don't know. I'm sure I would change my tune if I lost my own house, or loved ones. And that's why I have kept quiet about it: it's such an unfeeling way to look at the tragedy others are experiencing.

So, back to Hurricane Dean. Here's the thing--I live way too North (about 75 miles from the coastline) to really get hit by a hurricane. And we live on a little hill, so I'm not worried about our actual house flooding. The only thing we've had to prepare for is possible evacuation or staying in the home and having a possible power outage. And we're ready for either of those situations. It's been kind of exciting to watch the news and track the storm. Everyone was so busy over the weekend getting supplies. People were all abuzz at the stores and at church. It felt like a community. It gave people something to talk about. I like that, I won't lie.

I've never really discussed this with anyone before, but I know that other people must guiltily feel the same way, right? Please. Share your thoughts. And if you think I'm a disgusting speciman of a human being for feeling this way...that's okay, too. Why do you think I haven't talked about it before?


  1. This is something about you I didn't know!

    Actually, I think it's totally normal to want something out of the ordinary to happen. It's exciting!

  2. There is something to remember about disasters and Hurricane Katrina. FEMA, i.e. the Federal Government, cannot come in unless called in by the Governor. The Governor can't mobilize the National Guard or call FEMA if the county commissioners haven't requested that. And the county commissioners can't request that until the Mayor pulls his or her head out and asks for help.

    I was asked to head a charitable foundation that wishes to be a first response charity for national disasters. I studied, I met with Homeland Security and FEMA personnel. I spoke with Emergency Managers of cities across the nation (most cities don't have one, in case you're wondering.) And I attended conferences and seminars.

    I learned enough to be completely horrified at how woefully inadequate this nation is the face of disaster, whether natural or wartime.

    One big thing I learned. In the face of a disaster, the citizenry on their own. The charity I was working with changed their focus and I walked away because they had converted me to the cause. Now, I promote Disaster Preparedness Seminars for the citizenry and business in hopes that we can become more prepared.

    By the way, I dropped by because you've listed BYU football as one of your interests. Since it is one of mine too, that's how I found you.

    BYU Cougars Rock! is a blog I posted yesterday and thought you might enjoy.

    Please consider joining my LDS Blog webring. If you'll got to my blog, and then look at the right column, just click Join when you see the ring.


  3. mean there's another one like me? That type of stuff fascinates me. I often secretly wish that I could experience that just once... But my family would put me in the loony bin first. grin.
    How do you like Texas as opposed to Utah? We've talked about moving there a time or two, closer to the coast though. My hubby knows I miss the


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