Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You win some, you lose some.

Lauren got a package today from her Grandma Marcie with the cutest little Halloween outfit in it. She was so excited to put it on, and once she did, she strutted around the house like she was the Queen of Halloween.

Of course I tried to get a picture of her in her new outfit, but sitting and smiling were not on her agenda today. So I'm just going to embrace the bad photos.

Without further ado, Miss Bootiful:


  1. I want to kiss those little cheeks. So sad I missed my trip to Utah...
    "Queen of Halloween"--I love it!
    P.S. Guess what? Lindsey from the "R" house is speaking in Portland next month at an adoption seminar. Cool.

  2. wow sally, she is just about the cutest thing ever! what a doll.

    Morgan's hair has definitely lost some of it's curl. Mostly as we have cut it, but then moving and losing humidity hasn't helped either.

    Lauren's curls remind me of Morgan's hair when she was that age, but Lauren's are a little tighter (I think).

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I'm glad she enjoyed the outfit..she has a attitude I see, hmm I wonder where she gets that from haha
    Ty will be recieving his soon, and please tell me what day his birthday is.
    I LOVE cupcakes, too cute!!
    Love ya all
    Marcie, Bryan & Ashley

  4. She is so cute!! That's so fun that your fam is doing all of those fun Utah things together. Wish we could be there too!

    Love ya!

  5. LOL I can relate!

  6. Oh my freakin cute!!!!


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