Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Big 0-5

Our little Tyler isn't so little anymore. He recently celebrated his 5th birthday, and it was fun but a little tiring, too!

In the morning he got to open his presents from us, and he loved his new Pillow Pet. (It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a PillowPet!) He had seen a commercial for them and wanted one so bad I couldn't say no. The rest of the day we kept hearing things like, "Mom, did you know that my PillowPet is machine washable?" and "Did you know that all it takes is one hug and you fall in love?" and "Dad, my PillowPet is the perfect travelling companion!" In any case, we need to make sure he doesn 't watch any more commercials. He's just like his Uncle Jared and remembers every word he sees.

For those of you who remember last year's Jesus Cake, I was able to get away with one a bit easier this year. He loved it because the road made a "5".

In the afternoon we had a "Cars" party at the park. It was great to have a bunch of his friends and also family there. We started with some relay races:

Next was "Pin the Wheel on Lightning McQueen":

We worked in some Playground time:

And some "Red Flag, Green Flag." (Notice Lauren's ahead on this one, cause she didn't stop when it was red flag.)

We're really proud of Tyler and the sweet boy he is. He is smart and clever, and really sweet to his sister (most of the time). He loves to make jokes and loves to be around people. He is the most honest person I've ever known, and his simple and strong faith is an example to us.

We love you, TyTy!


  1. Looks like a fun party and the cake turned out great! Such a fun idea. I love how Ty repeats it exactly like the commercial. Maybe he should be the one selling him. I adore the last picture of him. Texas misses y'all!

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  3. Awwww...happy birthday to Tyler! I love the cars they got to zip around on during the relay race. Very cute and clever. You're awesome, Sal!

  4. What a great birthday for Tyler! Looks like he had a really fun party and a super cool cake. We love you so much Ty Ty!!

  5. Ellie wants one of those pillow pets too!!! HAppy Birthday to Ty Ty. I remember right after he was born and what a sweet little boy that he was and always has been. I have ALWAYS known what a special little Spirit that he is so happy that he came into such a loving family. We love you Ty Ty and hope you had a great day!

    Todd, Andrea Spencer, Ellie and Katey

  6. Happy Birthday Tyler! It looks like he had a wonderful day!

  7. What a handsome kid! And it looks like you really outdid yourself with the festivities. I'm sure he felt completely celebrated.

  8. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Well Sally, Words can not explain what a great mom you really are and how lucky those two little ones are to have such a fun loving family. The cake! what can I say, what a awesome idea and the cars made for the races was so clever and you could tell all had fun. These blogs and seeing the kids is what puts my heart to ease and my fears and worries disappear. What great parents you and Brad are and how very blessed I am to have you a part of my family. Thank you a thousand times.
    With much Love Marcie Bryan and Ashley

  9. Thanks for letting us be in attendence to such a great birthday party. It was so fun. I am a little sad, I never got to race in the car! Also Ty sold me on a pillowpet I think I need one now. Thanks again.

  10. Sally, the cake looks great!
    I love the box cars you made and that they were wearing their bike helmets. Safety first!
    You are such a creative and amazing momma.
    I have a commercial-aholic in our home too... she is quoting "Dotza"... I don't even know what that is but hoping that Santa will bring it this year so I can stop hearing the commercial everyday. :o)

  11. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Thanks for the great posting on the Car Birthday....I LOVE Tyler's "cool" hair-do on the last picture.....What a handsome kid...I love him to bits! xoxoxoxox MOM

  12. I love your cake!!


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