Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, what do you do in the Summertime, when all of South Texas is green?

Do you go to a small place... watch chihuahuas race?

And cool off in a fountain nearby?

Is that what you do? So do I!!

Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when the temperature's over one hundred?

Do you play in the water?
Have fun with your father?

And soak up the sun in the sky?

Is that what you do? So do I!

Oh what do you do in the summertime, when it's too hot to play outside?

Do you stay in and color
with your sister or brother,
drawing pictures to hang up high?

Is that what you do? So do I!


  1. Sooo cute!!!! I can't wait until you come out here. I'm so excited! I just want to squeeze her adorable little cheeks!

  2. looks like you guys are doing summer up right. Here in Utah we have been rained upon almost every day, no summer for us. Love ya all.

  3. You are so clever, Sally!! I love looking at all the fun things you guys do.

  4. Did you hear me singing along?? I couldn't read this post without putting it to song.
    DARLING post. DARLING kids!

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Sal, you are just soooo creative----creative with the fun things you do with your little family, and creative in the way you let us share in it! But then, I'VE ALWAYS known you were creative! Love you so much, MOM

  6. Love this!! They are beautiful and texas looks lovely- we are still enjoying nothing but rain here- send some sunshine this way please!

  7. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Sally I just was over joyed at looking at these pictures. I have such a big smile when I see and read what you guys do as a family. It just brings me to such happy tears! Thank you for sharing with me. It means the world to me.
    Love Marcie

  8. Hey I'm a doc student at USU. Your brother told me about your blog. I'm FSA co-chair for SL. I would love to hear more about your adoption story. my address is
    Anyway...Jared said your nicer than he is :)
    Your daughter ( I bet that is fun to say?!) is darling!!!

  9. Hey there my creative, happy, jingle writer friend. I loved this post. I sang along too...couldn't help myself.

  10. Oh Sally I miss you. I couldn't help but singing along to the jingle and could hear your voice singing right along. You're so much fun. The pictures are great. You guys are amazing.

  11. Hi Sal,
    I love this post!!! I like to see the song as I read it. Anyway, we are going to be moving soon. Just haven't figured out where yet. Maybe Texas!!! I'll Email you.

  12. I meant to say SING the song.



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