Sunday, June 07, 2009

First Day at Church

Having a girl is just too much fun!!!

Lauren did great at church today. She was just tired enough from being woken up from her nap that she sat quietly through Sacrament Meeting! Then Brad took her in to try out the nursery, staying with her since she still has a couple weeks until she's 18 months. I thought she might be a little shy, but she just jumped right in with the other kids and had a great time!

She is such a joy! Each day she shows us something new about her little personality, and each day we fall more in love with her. Her giggles, her little songs, her constant gabbing, her sense of humor...I could go on forever!

I'm so proud of Tyler. He is such a good big brother, playing with Lauren, and helping her, and laughing at her. He has little moments where he shows a bit of regression (wanting to do things that she does, demanding a little bit more attention), but overall I think he's handling it really well. It's got to be a little bit hard after 4 1/2 years of having Mom and Dad to yourself to all of a sudden welcome a little toddler into your family circle, but he's been very gracious and I think he's really excited to finally be a big brother like all his friends.


  1. Soooo cute!! I thought about you guys today and wondered how little Lauren did at church. Sounds like it all went great. And Tyler is awesome!! So glad he's loving being a big brother.

  2. Oh my goodness she is cute! She is absolutely adorable! Sooooo glad things are going well. Hopefully, Carter will get to be a big brother soon too. He really does not want a sibling that's a baby. He really thinks it's great that Ty has a sister that can walk:) I can't even explain how important that is to him!! Kind of funny (and concerning). Congrats again. We are anxiously waiting to meet her. xoxo

  3. She's sooo cute!!! I can't wait until you come out! Seth and her can play. Tell Tyler that we love him too. Love you

  4. Yes, girls are so much fun! I love Lauren's dress! Her curly hair is just adorable! Sal, you're going to have lots of fun with this little girl! She's a cutie!

  5. Anonymous9:16 PM

    She is so adorable--how I wish we could hear her babblings---what songs are you teaching her? Give Tyler some "grandma kisses" and ask him to give some to Lauren from me. Can hardly wait for July! Love you so much, MOM

  6. Andrea11:24 PM

    She is SOOO cute!!! I knew that you would love having a girl!! Isn't it the best? I wish that we could meet her too. Sometime we will get together! Tell Ty Ty that we are so proud of him and the big role that he has taken on.


  7. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Hi Sal- It's like dressing a doll! So fun. She is precious. Although I hope she is more agreeable than mine when it comes to her hair. I could never put cute little things in my girls hair. They absolutely wouldn't have it! (Still don't.) When Lake was born, Aut was excited and acted fine (he was 4 1/2 also) but he started wetting his pants. Love regression! We just tried to give him his own attention and it was fine in about 2 months. Hope your cute boy experiences regression in a less moist fashion!
    Love ya! Lauri

  8. She looks beautiful!!!

  9. I am so happy for your family! She is adorable and I am glad the hear that Ty is loving her! Being a big brother is a big job- and I am sure he will be awesome~

  10. Happy Happy Happy!
    What a lucky little girl.
    She looks so pretty for her first day at church.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS on the newest addition to your family! I read about the whirlwind week... that is so crazy! One week, you have one child and the next week you have TWO! She is beautiful and Lauren is one of my favorite names. Can't wait to meet her at the next adoption gathering... we are SO happy for you!
    Tell Brad "hello" for us.
    Tripp family


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